Tuesday, May 1, 2012

eBay has annoyed me

eBay has annoyed me by removing two of my listings due to copyright infringement. However, these were legitimate listings and not pirated copies. I was selling a couple of the digital copies of movies that we had purchased that came with a BluRay copy as well as a digital download, that we do not need. I've done this in the past tons of times.

I had to call them and put in an appeal that they'll get back to me on. Had they read my listing in the first place they would have realized that I was doing nothing wrong. What is worse is that these had bids on them. I am still seething. We'll wait and see what happens but rest assured, I'll get them back up there.

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Work at Home Online Now Blog said...


I recently did a review of eBay work and it appeared that most people seemed legitimately happy selling on their site. Personally, I prefer both buying and selling on Amazon since it seems to be "cleaner" and with a more respectful customer base.

I'm sorry eBay isn't working out for you. I'm sure someone probably reported you as copyright infringement or providing knockoffs and they just ran with the idea that it might be true. That's kind of how big businesses do it now. I do hope it works out well in the end.


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