Friday, May 4, 2012

Technical Stuff

Why is it that everything you do that has to do with a printer, router, modem or whatever has to be the biggest headache in history?

  • We moved the printer and so of course it's missing a driver now. I had to spend an hour re-downloading everything and reinstalling the printer then the missing driver.
  • We got the free router from Comcast and hooked it up and the DNS server numbers are off so we can't sign in to eBay. If you want help with that, it's past their tier 1 support and you have to pay for it. So we either don't sign in to eBay, use our own router, which we have but that's beside the point, or go online and do what some person said worked for them.
  • Since we changed routers our Hulu account wouldn't stream videos right because, you guessed it, the DNS server numbers had to be changed. Fortunately the customer service there is awesome and he had us up and running in about 5 minutes.
My point is, we didn't do anything major. We changed a router and we moved a printer. However, that all piled about 2 hours of work onto my regular day. That's not counting my time on the phone with Comcast about the eBay fiasco I haven't fixed yet. I should have majored in IT stuff in school.

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