Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boycott Belfast if Lennox Is Not Saved

I am angry, appalled and incredibly saddened that Belfast has not become the heroes that we know they can be by free Lennox.

Lennox is a American bulldog and Labrador cross that was targeted by BSL, which is breed specific legislation. He has never bitten anyone, been a menace or done anything other than LOOK like a pitbull. He has been in captivity for two years now and the BCC has decided to ignore the entire world and execute him at 2:00 AM cst, 7:00 AM Belfast time.

I know it's only one dog but this has made me so angry that I honestly hope they all rot in hell. I'll refrain from saying what I really wish would happen but you can imagine.

You can learn more about Lennox here at

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