Monday, February 18, 2013

3D Model Licenses

There are great opportunities on the horizon in the 3D printing business. Imagine your concept of 3D models and design files that can be used to create physical products through 3D printing machines. Now think back to any new technology in the past such as personal computing back in the 90's. There were issues of intellectual property similar to what the music industry faced in the past and even in ongoing piracy complaints. Users need a solution such as Modelyst.

Modelyst has a user-friendly interface that helps solve a lot of these issues. Their solution not only provides sharing of someone's creations but allows individuals to download and use 3D models that would have been previously protected by intellectual property.

This start-up company will be launching this summer of 2013 and will surely change the face of 3D printing. Keep an eye out for them and see what the future of prototypes can be.

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