Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bathroom Renovations

When thinking about new home renovations there is one important room that you don’t want to forget – the bathroom. Bathroom renovations can be subtle or have that “wow” factor and if you have a walk-in shower there are plenty of ideas you can use. 

For instance, spa inspired bathrooms allow you to enjoy the luxury of a spa right in your own personal space. You can add amenities such as rainfall shower heads and warming towel racks. Floor to ceiling glass, a pebble inset and a bench seat will complete the spa look.

For those with smaller spaces, a shower room is a perfect idea if you have a spare, adjacent room. You can easily convert the adjacent room or part of the room into a separate shower that gives your bathroom a vintage appeal.

For walk-in showers that are in corners or don’t have a lot of light, you might consider a skylight.
If you really want to have the appeal of a steam room and shower, try a hidden steam generator. This little gadget allows you to have the comfort of a steam room in your own bathroom. Adding dual shower heads and a few other spa-like amenities gives you a day spa look and feel without the extra money you’d have to pay to visit one.

You can do a lot with tile work as well. For bathroom renovations that you want to look clean and fresh, use light colored tiles such as white and light blue. However, if you are going for a more decadent look, you may want to use a variety of tile colors in rich tones such as clay tile with black fixtures. This lends to an expensive look that costs a fraction of the money.

No matter what your budget and aesthetic, you can create your own private spa area and a bathroom shower that you can’t wait to use.

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