Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Rant of the Day - Cruises

It seems like every time there is some kind of issue or mishap on a cruise ship, the jealousy comes out. You'll see those that make comments like, "Well, money can't buy you everything" or "Must be nice to be rich." What those people don't take into account is that everyone that goes on a cruise is not rich. Some may have won their cruise, some may have saved money all year to go, it may have been a gift or in our case, it's not that expensive since we live in Florida and have pretty much free reign on port choices. That cuts down on transportation costs plus you get a "local" discount.

It just seems to me that some people relish in other peoples' misfortune, especially if it involves someone they think has money. You do not know what that person's finances are. You do not know if their parents passed away and left them money or that they had to work 80 hours a week all year to afford that cruise.

Get over yourself and stop judging people by what you think you know about them.

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