Monday, February 18, 2013

Rant of the Day

I have a rant today and figured, why not post it here? If I post it on Facebook it turns into a huge argument somehow so here goes.

My rant is about Mindy McCready. I am sorry she committed suicide and I feel bad that she felt so awful that was her only way out. I hold nothing against her on that front. However, when you commit suicide don't take something or someone with you. She shot her dog too and to me, that's the ultimate in selfish. I don't understand those that feel they have to kill their children, pets, spouse or anyone else in their time of anguish.

If you feel so bad that you want to kill yourself, I understand. What I do not understand is killing something else at the same time. Don't push your grief, anger, anguish, whatever on some other living creature. I don't understand murder/suicide at all and never will. Take yourself out if you must; leave everything else alone.

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