Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Genghis Khan Book

If you're curious about the life of Genghis Khan then you'll love the Genghis Khan book I found. It has everything you've ever wanted to know about the mysterious Tomb of Genghis Khan and more Genghis Khan facts that will satisfy your curiosity while creating a fiction piece that is exciting and adventurous.

Did you know that finding the tomb has been an obsession for many since 1927? This tomb is believed to have a wealth of gold, silver and jewels that was supposedly buried along with him. Anyone can read a Genghis Khan biography but this novella not only has twists and turns but it's a historical fiction piece that has an ending you won't see coming.

Here is an excerpt from the description:
Now, in a remote Asian river valley, a beautiful English scientist’s chance discovery of an ancient artifact tied directly to Genghis Khan ignites a furious race among China, Russia and the United States to find that crypt. The stakes are huge, putting the young woman along with her American sponsor at the center of the confrontation.
Check it out and learn more about this ancient warrior and enjoy a well-written piece of fiction at the same time.

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