Friday, March 8, 2013

New Movies

Sometimes it seems that new movies I want to see goes through this lull where there's nothing really out. That is not the case right now. There are so many movies I want to buy right now and wouldn't you know it that I don't have any money.

Here is a list of movies I want to own:
  • Sinister. I loved this movie! I had a chance to buy it but wanted to see it first and now I wish I'd bought it when I had a gift card. I have one friend that hated it and another that loved it so much it's one of their favorite movies now.
  • Red Dawn. I know, most people hated this movie but we loved it. Sure, it was cheesy, not accurate at all and all of that but it was fun and hey, it's not like the first one wasn't cheesy and inaccurate as well.
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2. I know, another non-favorite among the masses unless you're 12. However, I loved all of the Twilight movies and books and while you won't see me hanging out at the mall, screaming over any of the characters, I still want this movie.
  • The Believers. This is an old movie with Martin Sheen. I owned it on VHS but obviously I want it on DVD. I hope it holds up to my memory of it.
Well, at least when I do get to buy things off of my wish list I have a lot to choose from.

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