Thursday, March 7, 2013

Raw Diet

Our dogs are very prone to allergies and since dog food is full of grains we thought we'd try the raw diet with them. I have to say that we've been doing this for a few weeks and they are getting a much better coat because of it. They had very sparse hair on their back near their behinds and this was due to itching and scratching. Since the grains have been eliminated, it's growing in nicely and to be honest, they love the raw food diet.

Here is some information on this diet and how it works. I know we are quite pleased with it. Although it's not quite as easy as buying a bag of dog food, it definitely  works. I do have to disagree with the statement in the article about the splintered bones. Dogs are equipped to eat raw bones just fine; it's the cooked bones that splinter, not raw ones.

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