Thursday, March 14, 2013

Speaking of School

Speaking of school where I just talked about what I'd want to write my essay on, I won't be writing any essays unless I fix things. I'm very close to having my Bachelor's Degree but over a year ago I had some issues where I decided to wait till the next semester to go. Turns out that you can't just cancel your last class online; you have to do it in person. Since I did not, even though I didn't attend school, I still owe for that class. I cannot return until I pay for a class I didn't even go to. And we all know how expensive tuition is so that is taking me a while. I think it sucks because not only did I lose a small scholarship, I'm not stuck paying for something I never used. I'd have been better off finding a way to attend and not be in this predicament.

Hopefully I can get this fixed soon and get back to Florida State and finish my degree. I have one degree but I really wanted this one too, especially since I'm so close.

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