Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Hand Dog Food

You all know how much I love our dogs; they're part of the family and like children to us. That's why we always try to feed them the best food possible. Free Hand Dog Food is one of those foods that is perfect for not only feeding the best but helping dogs as well.
FreeHand is a mission-driven, super premium dry dog food company conceived out of social activism with a fierce dedication to both providing dogs with the highest quality food and, in the process, saving the lives of abandoned dogs in the communities where their products are sold. For each bag of dog food purchased, FreeHand donates an equal amount of dog food to shelters and rescues.
There four delicious versions:
  1. Engage. A chicken and rice recipe (and our dogs grew up on this) perfect for older dogs or large breed dogs.
  2. Enrich. A chicken and pork recipe. This one is great for both smaller dogs and larger dogs and includes  Taurine and L-Carnitine.
  3. Empower. This one has a turkey, chicken and duck combination that includes veggies too. It's good for the active dog and small breeds.
  4. Energize. This one is perfect for my boys, who are full of energy. It has a grain-free chicken and salmon recipe and extra protein. My boys also have to have grain-free foods since they have food allergies.
Check out FreeHand dog food and find the perfect one for your pet.

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