Friday, April 12, 2013


Tonight we got new tattoos. A local shop, Electroluxe is doing a benefit.

Beginning today April 1 through April 30th Electroluxe Tattoo Company along with Gulf Coast Professional Tattoo will be participating in "Tats for Cats (and dogs too)" which is a fundraiser to benefit Panama City Beach Paws & Claws.

If you get any animal style tattoo 100% of the proceeds will be donated to PCB Paws & Claws. There is a $25 minimum donation, so come out and support your local animal rescue and your local tattoo shops!!
So Richard and I got paw prints. He got a wolf paw print on his forearm and I got three smaller paw prints on my foot. I love them! If you're local go out and support a great cause and get a tattoo. They were nice, friendly and did excellent work that we were 100% thrilled with.

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