Friday, May 31, 2013

Fantasy Basketball

You may have heard others talk about Fantasy Basketball and wanted in on the action, especially if you love watching basketball. Fantasy Basketball is a game that anyone can play as long as you know the basics and are ready to delve in to gaining experience while you have fun.

There are a few types of Fantasy Basketball games such as:
  • Head-to-Head. In head-to-head, two team owners compete each week. There is a variety of statistical categories each team competes in and a win is gained by being ahead in that particular category. There isn't a point system, rather the team with the most wins after a season is finished is the overall winner.
  • Points Based. This one is pretty straight forward but points can be based on a number of criteria such as blocks, rebounds, etc. Obviously, the team that has the most points when the season is over is the winner.
  • Rotisserie. This one is a tad more complicated and is based on the number of teams playing in that category. Say you have eight teams and your team comes in second, it's worth seven points, and so on. At the end of the season the team with the most points is the overall winner.
  • Salary-Based. This one is where there is fake money used to build a team and each NBA member has a salary that is determined before choosing. Your team is built with this fictional amount of money and you cannot exceed the cap on salary.
There are various leagues, categories, drafts and more but starting with the basic games is a good place to gain knowledge so you can start playing.

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