Friday, August 16, 2013

FXOpen Broker

If you’re looking for a Forex brokerage service that provides stellar customer support along with a calendar, current news and technical analysis then FXOpen is what you’re looking for. Not only do they have knowledge of successful trading and what to  avoid but they help traders improve so that they can become more successful.

FX OpenBroker was actually started by traders so you’re not getting a service from a company that doesn’t know the inside world of their business. Too often, companies have startups that focus on what they think will be successful, not what they actually have experience in and with FXOpen, that is not the case. Started in 2003 as an educational center of technical analysis, FXOpen has grown to be a formidable brokerage company that has cutting edge knowledge and platforms.

Services available:

1.      ECN on MT4. This is a favorite among many because it’s easy to use and convenient as well. Best of all, you can use a variety of electronic equipment such as PDA’s, smart phones and more.
2.      True ECN Environment. Provided for retail traders in mind, this technology allows you direct access where your orders are on display in the market, seen by others and those others can display their orders as well; once a price match is made the deal is completed.
3.      PAMM Service. Perfect for those that want a true professional to handle their account. It’s not only secure, but transparent and convenient to use.

As a Forex trader you get top-notch service from a company that knows the trading business and what you won’t get is a company that is new to the business or is simply there to take your money. By helping you become successful, everyone wins. Check them out and see the difference.

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