Friday, August 16, 2013

No News is Good News

All too often I seem to write about companies and I need to write more personal stuff as well. However, no news is good news and to be honest, other than our photography business, nothing has changed. However, we're loving taking photos and working with people. In fact, we just did a deal with a local company that provides weddings and we should be doing more of those shoots here in the near future.

We've done a couple of weddings now, engagements, a few family shoots, a very large event and a maternity shoot and things are only picking up. I wish we'd really started sooner though because the tourist season is ending and I think we missed out on quite a few projects but hey, before you know it it'll be spring and summer again and then watch out. If you want to see any of our work check out Karsun Designs Photography.

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