Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wholesale Jewelry

If you love stainless steel jewelry, and many of my friends do, then why not get wholesale jewelry you can afford? Powell has everything you could ever want at wholesale prices such as:

  • pendants
  • jewelry sets
  • bracelets
  • earrings
  • necklaces
  • and more
Here's the thing though; the prices are out of this world. I found necklaces for under $2! I kid you not. I found a men's bracelet that goes for around $70 in stores for under $4. You do have to register online but it's totally free. Now there is a minimum to buy but if you run a store or sell online, this is the deal for you!

Check them out and see how you can earn money by reselling stainless steel wholesale jewelry. I may just place an order myself.

1 comment:

jelly andrews said...

Are you kidding? A necklace for only $2 is unbelievable. What material is it made of?


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