Saturday, September 21, 2013

Planning a Trip to Malta?

Malta is a rocky coastline area near Sicily and part of the Mediterranean Sea. It features a myriad of unique things to do while visiting and here are a few you might enjoy if you plan to go.

For a look at the underwater sea via a glass bottom boat, Captain Morgan Cruises has these to offer. Imagine seeing the marine life up close and personal while sitting comfortably on a boat.

You may want to check out St. Peter’s Pool if you enjoy swimming. It is a natural inlet where the pool area looks to be carved into the rocks themselves.

If caves and rock formations are what you enjoy then Blue Grotto is the place to check out. Seven caves and inlets make up this natural beauty and you’ll get to see pristine deep, blue water and rock formations that are made by nature, not man.

Golden Bay is a gorgeous sandy beach located on the Northwest area of the coast. Perfect for lounging in the sun or taking some time to swim and refresh yourself from the heat.

There are many sightseeing trips available where you can shop, visit historic areas or take in some of the culture and heritage of this area. There are also plenty of theaters, operas, plays and more that you can experience on your visit. Museums, galleries, and archeological areas are plenty so there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you like history or Mother Nature.

And for those that like to enjoy the nightlife, Malta offers the Malta Arts Festival, the Valletta Baroque Festival, the Opera Festival, the Choir Festival and even an International Jazz Festival that is during the summer in July. 

If you can’t get there yet but want to chat with some of the Malta people or find out what to see and do from the locals you can visit chat rooms in Malta to find out more.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beats for Sale

If you're an aspiring artist and looking for beats to enhance your style then check out Fivestar beats. Not only do they have beats for sale but they're high-quality instrumentals that include hip-hop, pop, R&B, trap music and more.

Every beat is 100% royalty free and as you know, in the music business this is essential to your success. You can choose among thousands of beats or with the custom beats packages you get beats to fit your individual needs and style and the beats you get are exclusive to you - never to be resold to anyone else. You can choose from beats from scratch or even beats built around lyrics you already have.

It's easy to use Fivestar Beats - You simply choose a license (bronze, silver, gold, exclusive, and build a beat) and once you pay, all non-exclusive beats are sent immediately. All of the tracks on Fivestar are not only sample free but they are completely original so you get quality beats that you won't find on every other song you hear.

Click here to check out the site and choose from the best, royalty free beats you can find.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vintage Candles

I have to admit, I love candles. I was a little late on the whole candle train but once I discovered them, I can't get enough. I found a site that not only has vintage candles but you can reuse the container as a drinking glass after you're done; how cool is that? Each soy candle is hand poured and eco-friendly. The containers are hand crafted from wine bottles (unwined bottles?) that are upcycled. This makes them not only eco-friendly but pretty darn awesome.

These would make the perfect wedding gift and especially for those brides that love recycled items.

Eco wicks are used which means you don't get the toxins used in traditional candles, toxins like lead and paraffin that coats your home and your lungs. Each candle burns for about 50-75 hours and the scents available are pretty awesome like Banana Nut Bread or Hippie Hut.

Check them out and place and order - I bet you'll just love them!

Independent Sales Reps

For those looking to hire independent sales reps, RepRight is the place to go. What they do is specialize in finding and recruiting commission-only sales reps that are not only qualified but interested and most importantly, available. You even get to choose the area, experience qualifications and industry.

How it works is that they learn about what kind of product or service you have and your goals in mind. They do a search for an ideal candidate(s) for your position and in a couple of weeks or so they have five candidates in mind. In preparation, they allow you to utilize the tools they have such as how to interview, contracts, etc. and once they are delivered to you, you're ready to interview and proceed further.

This is a great place for you to find qualified candidates instead of an influx of applications for those that are not ideal for what you need. It only takes an average of 12 days from start to finish and that's time-saving benefits that you can use in other aspects of your company.

Distractions, They're Everywhere

I was thinking (and that's sometimes a good thing) that perhaps people of today have so much ADD due to our distractions. Growing up I had distractions like everyone else but not like the ones we have today. We had a TV with three stations until I was in high school, a stereo and a telephone. Now I'm not counting other life distractions like school, etc. but the ones that are around you 24/7.

Kids and adults of today have cable with hundreds of channels, access to movies at home, cell phones, iPods, computers, tablets, etc.

Where I used to be able to read a book while watching TV or listening to the radio, now we have a hundred other distractions to keep you occupied. Look at the effect social networking has on your ability to focus, or at least my ability to focus.

I'm just saying that perhaps all of the extras that are now a part of our lives may contribute to how we are unable to focus on certain things as easily as before. Food for thought, anyway.

Monday, September 9, 2013

ECigarettes Are Your Best Friend

Those of you that know me know I love vaping. What is vaping? It’s what you do with an electronic cigarette. Ecigarettes are the perfect alternative for a healthier lifestyle without a lot of the issues you get with traditional cigarettes. 

For instance, did you know that with ecigs you don’t get the tars, carcinogens and other crap that comes with a regular cigarette? All you get is the nicotine hit. Now only are you cleaner smelling, you can just about smoke these anywhere you want. What this means is no more going outside in the rain, snow or heat to get your fix, no more non-smoking sections as if there are any smoking sections anyway, no more smelly clothes or bad breath, and no more waiting till you get a break or get to where you are going to have a cigarette.

I’ve used the ecigarettes in school, in public where there is no smoking allowed and in my home, which smells just like it would on any other day of the week. Another plus is that I don’t have to worry about offending someone. You also get great flavors with the eliquids. Sure, you can still get a more traditional flavor like a straight tobacco but I love playing with fruits, chocolates and a variety of clean flavors you can’t find with cigarettes; the chocolate covered strawberry looks especially yummy.

7secigs are the choice where you can buy kits, liquids, skins, bundles and a host of everything you need for your ecigarette and right now they have free shipping on all orders over $100 until October 15th plus 20% off of cartomizers. Check out their site and find out what smart cigarette smokers already know; you can’t beat smoking an ecigarette when it comes to feeling better, smelling better and being able to smoke when and where you want.


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