Saturday, September 21, 2013

Planning a Trip to Malta?

Malta is a rocky coastline area near Sicily and part of the Mediterranean Sea. It features a myriad of unique things to do while visiting and here are a few you might enjoy if you plan to go.

For a look at the underwater sea via a glass bottom boat, Captain Morgan Cruises has these to offer. Imagine seeing the marine life up close and personal while sitting comfortably on a boat.

You may want to check out St. Peter’s Pool if you enjoy swimming. It is a natural inlet where the pool area looks to be carved into the rocks themselves.

If caves and rock formations are what you enjoy then Blue Grotto is the place to check out. Seven caves and inlets make up this natural beauty and you’ll get to see pristine deep, blue water and rock formations that are made by nature, not man.

Golden Bay is a gorgeous sandy beach located on the Northwest area of the coast. Perfect for lounging in the sun or taking some time to swim and refresh yourself from the heat.

There are many sightseeing trips available where you can shop, visit historic areas or take in some of the culture and heritage of this area. There are also plenty of theaters, operas, plays and more that you can experience on your visit. Museums, galleries, and archeological areas are plenty so there’s something for everyone to enjoy whether you like history or Mother Nature.

And for those that like to enjoy the nightlife, Malta offers the Malta Arts Festival, the Valletta Baroque Festival, the Opera Festival, the Choir Festival and even an International Jazz Festival that is during the summer in July. 

If you can’t get there yet but want to chat with some of the Malta people or find out what to see and do from the locals you can visit chat rooms in Malta to find out more.

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