Monday, October 28, 2013

Where To Buy Vine Followers Easy And Safe!

If you’re wondering where to buy Vine followers then I have the place for you. You see, Vine is the fastest growing app in recent history. What it does is allow a mobile user to make and upload a six second video using the Vine in-app camera. Like with any popular social media, advertisers are taking notice and many brands and companies are trying to get new Vine followers. With Buy Vine Followers your company or brand gets high quality followers so that you can build your market, brand, image or corporate identity.

Many places that offer followers get you just a warm body. For instance, if you need followers on a page you have on a popular social networking site you may get new likes, which means they delivered. However, what if you have a restaurant in Miami and all of your new followers are in China? That’s exactly what some places do. With Buy Vine Followers that’s not the case at all. Your followers are quality ones, not just anyone.

With this program you get ahead of the competition and have an edge with your marketing. You can even get “likes” as well, which helps grow your viewers since others see what their friends like.

Vines has reached the top in Apple’s App store so if you have a brand you want seen, then you’ll want to jump on board too and with having inside help, you can get your name out there much faster than just waiting for others to find you, then like or share what you have to offer. You get more web traffic, more exposure and more brand recognition – all of which leads to more customers and isn’t that what you want in business?

So if you’re looking to buy Vine followers then look no further because you’ve got the perfect opportunity right here with Buy Vine Followers.

A Nice Stranger

We were in the dollar store the other day looking for something specific we needed and a guy was at the counter asking if the Chinese lanterns were illegal here. He was from Indiana and brought down a bunch for a party and was buying a lighter for them - one of those long ones you use for candles or the grill.

Rich helped him out and was chatting with him so when we got ready to leave we held the door for him and he rushed by us without a word. I thought, that's not too friendly. However, it seems he was rushing to his car because he stopped us when we were fixing to leave (driving by) in order to give us one of his Chinese lanterns.

See? You never can tell about someone and first impressions can be so wrong.

OzFax Fax Broadcasting

If you live in Australia and need fax blast services then OzFax Fax Broadcasting is perfect for you. Consider how you do your business targeting now. With fax blasting, your data can reach over a million businesses and best of all, it's a fraction of the cost to use as opposed to traditional mail through the post.

Another benefit is that you only pay for a fax that is successfully delivered. When using the mail system you pay first and you're done. You have no way of knowing if your information reached its target but with a fax broadcast, it reaches the intended recipient or you don't pay. In fact, a faxing service through OzFax Fax Broadcasting has access to be able to reach certain demographics such as by region or postcode. Faxing is easy and it's telecommunications that is effective and has the potential to help your business venture.

All you have to do is contact them, let them know the document(s) you want faxed and leave it up to them. You can even schedule your fax transmissions hours or days in advance and there are no fees to set-up or hidden charges.

Thank Goodness for Insurance

No, not the health care kind, the post office kind. I recently sold a PS3 to a friend and of course we insured it. Sure enough, today the box came with a broken controller and holes in the box. This is a box we carefully wrapped and it was a brand new, sturdy box. So what happened from here to up north? I can't tell you but this is the first insurance claim through the post office I've had to file so let's see how this goes. I asked her to take photos for me. Wish us luck.

Ebay Store Builder

If you sell on eBay, Amazon or simply want to build a site, you can get a free site builder with Domainki. Not only can you get free hosting and build your site too but it's easy to use with the drag and drop tools. If you're not a professional website builder it can be hard to get something going, believe me I know since I build websites as part of my job. Sometimes you need something easy to use and affordable at the same time so you don't have to depend on someone else to create your site.

With Domainki you get all of that and more. Whether it's an Amazon store, an eBay store or any site you need to display what you have for sale, this is the perfect tool. 

It's compatible with all advertising network codes and this is a huge plus because I can't tell you how many times I've tried to add a code that wouldn't work with a specific program, blog or site. You even get live traffic reports which is another benefit since with many places you have to have an outside party or piece of code to learn where your visitors are coming from.

Check it out and see why so many love Domainki.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fancy Dress Items for Hen Night or Halloween

Halloween festivities are just around the corner and if you don't have your costume yet, what are you waiting for? If you live in the UK then you can get fancy dress wear and costumes just when you need them. They have children's and adult costumes as well as accessories so you can show off your unique ideas and be the life of the party. I thought it was pretty awesome that they have 1920's and gangster costumes and if you're getting married then there are plenty of Hen Night party games, accessories and more available to make your night one of the best ever.

You get great customer service such as free shipping for UK orders over £35 and just £3.49 delivery on UK orders Under £35. There's a no-fuss returns policy which means if you're not satisfied you can return your purchase and you don't have to pay a restocking fee.

So make sure you hurry and get the best costume you need for Halloween or plan ahead for an awesome Hen Party where you can really make a splash!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skin Cancer

So years ago I had this tiny wart thing that drove me crazy. It was right under my left eye and I thought everyone was looking at it. Turns out, no one noticed but me. However, having insurance, I figured I'd go see about removing it when I found out it was basal cell carcinoma. Long story short, I had plastic surgery to remove it and it was benign. Just in case you're wondering, they almost always do plastic surgery if it's on your face - I didn't opt for some kind of beautification process. I do have a scar though it's small but long.

Fast forward to now. I have a sore on my face that won't heal and I'm pretty sure it's a squamous cell carcinoma. I have an appointment on the 5th at the clinic and then on the 7th at the dermatologist if the clinic cannot help. They do some skin cancer procedures so at least the appointments work out so I can cancel the dermatologist if they can help or keep it if they can not.

Wish me luck since the squamous ones are a little more serious than the other I had. While the death rates are only 7,500 out of 700,000 each year, those are still scary odds to me. I mean it's like a little over 1% right? But still...

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Eternal Eye

Okay, I confess – we love watches at my house. Both my husband and I go crazy over designer watches although the brands we prefer differ amongst the two of us. I you love watches like we do; Chevachi has launched their newest called The Eternal Eye.

This collection was launched after Chevachl founded the Planet-X watch series just last year in 2012. Since every design focuses on a specific theme, The Eternal Eye is no exception and aims the focus on the concept of creating history and cherishing time. In fact, each and every component of this fine watch has style, function and efficiency taken into account from visualization to its conception.  Cevachi itself was founded in 2008 and its conceptualization has become an integral part of fashion forward thinkers. In fact, all of the 

Chevachi watches incorporate elements of 18KT gold, 925 sterling silver, stainless steel and an assortment of precious stones that provides something for everyone to love.
The Eternal Eye is stylish yet functional. It has a stainless steel top ring and has external rotating small eyes. The new materials and appearance features advanced SII independent fine movement from Japan.

Each watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, has a stainless steel crown, buckle and case back and offers a unisex style that everyone can enjoy available in black, blue, gray, red, and white. Comfort is integral as well as design and functionality.

You can check out the concept video of this gorgeous watch and learn more about its theme or click on a link to place an order.  You will love the look, the simplicity and the craftsmanship that goes into any Chevachi watch and especially their newest, The Eternal Eye. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself and find out what others are talking about.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Plans?

I have to admit that we don't always have plans for Halloween but we have a fuller plate this year. We were invited to two parties, one of which we have RSVP'd to attend and we are doing a Day of the Dead photo shoot before that. Looking forward to both!

Obviously, neither event is on the actual day of Halloween so we still have to buy candy to give out or something. I wonder if the kids would appreciate samples of TreSemme shampoo and conditioner since we have an entire case? ROFL!

What are your plans?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Run Your Own Online Business

If you've ever wanted to run your own online business but didn't have any background knowledge of websites, stock, or sales - now you can with Income Shops.

How it works is simple - you just choose a name for your store, think about what items you'd like to sell and click their yellow button to get started. It doesn't matter if it's clothes, jewelry, health and beauty or electronics; you can find everything there and you don't have to be a website guru in order to start.

You can even get your store custom designed by choosing the graphics package when you checkout so that you get noticed more by having banners and logos on your site. And even more importantly, the stock is provided and you don't have to worry about shipping or maintaining product.

You get support when you need it, the sites are SEO friendly, social media is a breeze and everything you need to make it a success is included. So if you have always wanted to get into the business of online sales, now is your chance.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Telemarketing Lists

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive marketing lists than look no further. Everyone that markets knows that telemarketing lists are a way of finding customers and marketing how you want to market whether it is through direct mailing lists, a comprehensive marketing program or even a single campaign endeavor. 

With The List Company, you are involved with a company that has been used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies.

A few of the list services available are:

·         Finance
·         Automotive
·         Mortgages
·         Travel
·         New Homeowners
·         Life Insurance
·         Consumers
·         And more.
In business for more than a decade, The List Company scientifically analyzed data and gets the results you need for a successful campaign, no matter what type of business you are in. And that’s not all, the professionals there are at your disposal to help assist you in choosing the data that will increase your chances of success.

All of your marketing solutions are available from The List Company as well.

·         Email Marketing.  With more than 40 million consumers and 8 million businesses, customized email marketing programs are available and your reach is vast.
·         Data Enhancement. If you already have the list your need, The List Company can ensure that you keep it working for you to cost effectively maintain current customer addresses and telephone data, eliminate duplication, become compliant with Do Not Call requirements and even build new customer marketing models that are based on a proprietary and scientific analysis of their existing customer's demographic and psychographic profiles.
·         Other Marketing Services. SMS/Text messaging marketing is the wave of the future and incorporating it into your marketing campaign can help you reach even more consumers and businesses. The List Company can help you choose to complement your in-place marketing plan or even create a customized mobile marketing plan.

No matter what your marketing needs, The List Company can help you create and keep your sales goals.

Busy Weekend

I'm excited for the weekend. Not only do we have a cookout with our neighbors to attend, we have an urban/industrial type shoot with a gorgeous model and our own truck, a Hummer. We also may have a shoot with a friend and her dog and I'm looking forward to that too. At least it's not raining. We had this first shoot planned last weekend but due to Tropical Storm Karen, it had to be postponed. While I love storms, this one only dumped some rain. We didn't even get any wind much; all it did was screw up our plans.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Foden Wedding Photographers

As a photography business owner myself, I pride myself in being able to spot stellar work and Foden Wedding Photographers doesn't disappoint. Much like our own business, Foden Wedding Photographers are a husband and wife team based in the UK who combines documentary photography with fine art portrait and attention to details.

Their wedding photography is absolutely stunning and they get their inspiration from film and television, which makes for unique photos that will create memories to last a lifetime.

While their home base is Croydon in Surrey, they travel to the entire area of the UK such as Kent, London, Sussex, Herts and Essex. If you live in the UK and are planning a wedding then you definitely need to check out their fine work.

Check out the kind words others have written about their work and see why you should choose them for your special day.

Designer Elegance With Tombolini

If you love the elegance and class of fine Italian clothing then look no further than Tombolini. Founded by Eugenio Tombolini and the line has been a fashion statement of celebrities, business members, world leaders and dignitaries since 1964 and now you can make the same statement.

From gentlemen and ladies to accessories and more; Tombolini has everything you need to ensure that you present yourself in a way that is elegant, classic and upper-class.

Need a little black dress? No problem. What about a classic pea coat?  You can find it there. In fact, they even carry ties, sunglasses, briefcases and more - everything you need to showcase your style and fashion sense in today's world.

Tombolini offers free shipping to North America and for International orders over $350. The shopping is secure and the customer service is superb. Check out the site and find out how you can become a whole new person with clothing and accessories that accent success.

Breaking Bad

I know, everyone is talking about Breaking Bad but I honestly miss it and was sad to see it end. While some shows should have ended a season or so ago (Dexter - How I Met Your Mother) I could have watched this one a few more seasons for sure. I actually started it over again and watch it while I'm working and here I am sad again because I'm midway through season four already which means I won't have many more before I'm done again. Now I have to find something that'll keep me interested that I can find online to watch because it keeps me working harder. It's actually less of a distraction, believe it or not. I listen to the show, flip over to it when I want to see something and just work the day away. Any suggestions? It has to be online too.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Casino App Reviews

If you're looking for the most comprehensive casino app reviews then look no further. All of the casino apps available in the App Store and on Google Play are reviewed and given an overall site score and user review score.

In fact, each review has information on the app, the scores, screen shots and a link to download the app from the App Store or Google Play so you can conveniently read the information then go ahead and make the download if you're interested.

These app reviews ensure that you have everything you need to know before downloading instead of just a short informational blurb or small review on the download page. You also get a good and bad section that tells you the pros and cons.

There are even free casino apps and all of the information on those and paid ones so you won't waste your time downloading or even paying for an app you're not happy with. So if you love casino apps then you will definitely want to check out this site.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Empathy....The World Needs More

How many times have you been to your favorite social network and read a status update but weren't able to relate to the person? It seems that the world doesn't have enough empathy and if you're an empath like myself, you know how important that is. Now there's a site for those of us that want more, called Halka.

What Halka is is a social network that encourages all of the things we need more of - compassion, empathy, and knowledge. It's not just a place where you hear someone harping on the latest political happenings or what someone had for dinner; it's a place to really make a connection with someone, someone that can become a lifelong friend.

If you're not sure what empathy is, it's feeling something that another person feels as if it were you. If they're happy you are genuinely happy and if they have despair, you anguish along with them. Sometimes it can be a burden but if we all had more of it, the world would be a much better place. Check out the site, I know I plan to.


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