Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skin Cancer

So years ago I had this tiny wart thing that drove me crazy. It was right under my left eye and I thought everyone was looking at it. Turns out, no one noticed but me. However, having insurance, I figured I'd go see about removing it when I found out it was basal cell carcinoma. Long story short, I had plastic surgery to remove it and it was benign. Just in case you're wondering, they almost always do plastic surgery if it's on your face - I didn't opt for some kind of beautification process. I do have a scar though it's small but long.

Fast forward to now. I have a sore on my face that won't heal and I'm pretty sure it's a squamous cell carcinoma. I have an appointment on the 5th at the clinic and then on the 7th at the dermatologist if the clinic cannot help. They do some skin cancer procedures so at least the appointments work out so I can cancel the dermatologist if they can help or keep it if they can not.

Wish me luck since the squamous ones are a little more serious than the other I had. While the death rates are only 7,500 out of 700,000 each year, those are still scary odds to me. I mean it's like a little over 1% right? But still...

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