Thursday, December 19, 2013

Idea Village Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn't love ice cream? I know I sure do and now there's any easy way with the Idea Village Ice Cream Maker.

What it does is allow you to make ice cream in just three minutes. All you need is ice, water, salt and flavoring and you're set. Using a scientific method, once you add your ingredients you simply shake it for three minutes, which is perfect if you have kids or just want to have some fun.

One thing to note is that it calls for cream in the ads but in order to get the ice cream right you will want to use heavy cream, not simply regular cream. You do end up with a small amount of soft serve ice cream, which is exactly how I like mine.

If you're looking for a long-term ice cream maker, this isn't it. This is simply a fun way of making a very small amount. It does work and it is fun but those that want something more may want to look for another alternative.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fast, Cheap STD Testing in California

If you live in California and need STD testing then you need to see Dr. Arani. Not only can you get tested in a private environment but you don’t need insurance records, credit ID name and it’s private so you can rest assured that no one else has to know your business. You don’t even have to share your social security number and they take cash as well. Everything can remain totally anonymous so you don’t have to worry about anyone else finding out. Since you get the results so quickly, you won’t even have to wonder when a call will come in or having to go back to a return appointment unless you choose to.

The great thing is that you can pay a very low fee and get most results in 10 minutes – all results the same day! Even in rare cases where some particular testing takes a little longer like pathology or DNA testing, they are still faster than any other place and will let you know when it is expected. That’s nothing like most other places that may promise you results in a day or so and then you’re stuck still waiting. Just 10 short minutes and you know your results in most cases. In fact, you can even get treated the same day while you’re there after you receive your test results; what other place can offer that?

Most places also charge you for a cancellation fee and other hidden charges. With Dr. Arani you never have to pay a cancellation fee.

Other places also only test for up to eight types of STD’s where Dr. Arani’s clinic covers the entire panel of STD’s and tests for everything from mono to genital warts, crabs, and more. A physician does all of your consultation, follow up, treatment and more; you’re not handed off to someone else or own your own after you pay for the tests.

So for those of you in California that need to be tested, this is your best option for STD testing in a hurry and privately.

Disney World Discounts

Living in Florida, I've been to Disney World countless times. However, it does keep getting more and more expensive. If you're looking for Disney World discounts then you really should check out this site.

MouseMisers has everything from Disney World deals to helping you plan your vacation and find the things to do that will complete your trip. They're not a trip planner but what they can do is allow you the opportunity to get questions answered, find awesome Disney World deals and pretty much get the best rate on your fun vacation that is possible.

You can even subscribe to their newsletter so you stay in the know and can get updated every time there is a new discount announced. It's perfect for anyone planning a trip to Disney World who wants to save money and get the best rates possible and in today's economy, who wouldn't want to save some money?

Check them out and see just what kind of rates you can find that you might not know about otherwise.

Hair Extensions Manufacturer

I have to admit that I love the whole idea of hair extensions and think they look pretty awesome when done right. Heze New Source Hair Products Co., Ltd has a wide array of quality and real human hair products such as virgin Indian hair, virgin Chinese hair and more. Plus, you can get hair extensions any way you need them like pre-taped hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions and feather hair extensions.

If you're a salon you can buy in bulk from this hair extensions manufacturer and supply every kind of hair extension your clients need in order to look their best. 

So whether it's remy hair weft, virgin hair bulk, pre-bonded hair extensions, pre-taped hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, seamless skin wefts, micro ring hair extensions, hairpieces, full lace wigs, lace front wigs, toupees or more; you can find it here and get the best quality available.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Facebook Needs More Choices

When you click to hide something on Facebook it asks why and my choices are:
1) It's annoying or not interesting
2) I think it shouldn't be on Facebook, or 
3) It's spam. 
Why don't they have an option for:
4) It's showing abused animals and while I sympathize, that crap devastates me emotionally.
5)  It saddens me and I'd rather just hide it so I don't have to look at it and be depressed all day
6) I don't feel like crying all day dammit
7) dammit to hell, now I can't eat "insert company's" food anymore because they abuse animals in their plant  

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Residential Mailing List Brokers

In today's business world you have to be savvy enough to know what works for your brand. A few years ago you could engage in telemarketing customers and that worked - for a while. Now with "do not call" lists and jaded consumers, it's much harder. One thing that still works is direct mail to residential targets and if you're looking for residential mailing list brokers then Martin Worldwide is the place for you.

The deal with three major components of direct mail and those are:

  • Direct Marketing Lists. This is perfect for reaching out to your target demographic. Whether it's businesses, consumers or active buyers, they are the industry's top leader and knows how to reach the 290 million consumers in the United States along with over 14 million businesses.
  • Opt-In Email Marketing. They take care of every aspect in your email marketing and make it easy to reach the right person for your product or services.
  • List Ordering System. If it's lists you need then look no further. With the self-service marketing tool you can reach the people you need to reach with a list that is perfect for your demographic.
While social media also reaches potential customers, don't forget about the millions that aren't engaging in social media. Whether it's an older demographic that isn't on top of the computer world or it's a business that likes to do things old-school, direct mail marketing is the way to go. It works and it's simple with Martin Worldwide.

Rickshaws London

I've never been to London, with yet being the keyword here, but if I ever go I definitely want to check out one of the rickshaws in London. Not only do they look incredibly fun but imagine seeing the city without glass between you and the sights. No bumpy taxi ride or crowded bus because you can see everything up close and personal.

London Rickshaws has been around since 2003 and there are many tours that you can take. In fact, there are ten amazing tours such as:

  • Romantic Rickshaw Day & Evening Tours
  • Theatre Land Tour – West End's Finest
  • The Top 10 – London Rickshaws classic sightseeing destinations
  • Market Tour – Borough Market & Spitalfields
  • Gourmet Rickshaw Tour – Restaurant & Gastro Pub tours
  • Sherlock Holmes Tour
  • Comedy Tour – Pub & Comedy Store
  • Fright @ Night – The Jack the Ripper Rickshaw Tour
  • Rickshaw Treasure Hunt tour – TBA
  • Museum Rickshaw Tour – V&A, Tate Modern
I'd love the classic sightseeing destinations, the gourmet tour or for sure the Jack the Ripper tour!

Another great thing is that if you live in London then you can advertise on them as well. It's a great way of getting "green" advertising while still allowing people to see your brand.

Check them out and imagine a tour where you get personalised attention and can see everything up close.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Days of Life

Many people have a morbid sense of curiosity when it comes to their mortality; I know I do! Well, now you can use an app called Days of Life that gives the days you have left to live. Now obviously it doesn't account for accidents or unknown occurrences but what it does do is allow you to enter your date of birth and location to get an idea of the average life expectancy - then it starts to count down.

What is cool about it is it can actually give you a boost when it comes to getting things done; all of the things you have always wanted to do. By seeing your life's hours disappear, you have a better sense of why you need to do the things in life that you want to do such as take that trip to another country or visit with friends you haven't seen since high school. No matter what it is that you want to do, this app can actually inspire you.

In fact, many people go on to be successful by knowing that their days are limited. Knowing that you're not immortal and seeing the hours disappear actually allows you to refocus on what is important in life.

Got Fresh Breath?

If you own a restaurant, spa, upscale venue or any place that your clients or employees might want to freshen their breath, have I got a product for you! In fact, I'd love on for my home.

It's an automatic mouthwash dispenser and what it does is give you the perfect amount each time in a disposable cup. While it was created for restaurants, anyone can use it for their business. Check out the features!

  • Each dispenser comes with a locking system and security key
  • Includes Cup Dispenser and one sample bottle of mouthwash
  • Precision, no-mess shut off
  • Battery-less operation
  • Quick, wall-mounted or countertop installation
You'll have ecstatic employees and/or excited customers because anyone can freshen up their breath with a unit that's clean, maintenance-easy and economical. Imagine being the only business in your sector that offers  this unique feature. Check out Got Fresh Breath on and read the reviews for yourself.    

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Drinks

Who doesn't love holiday drinks? While I used to drink a lot more than I do now, I still enjoy trying out different drinks while enjoying the classics such as spiked eggnog. I mean who doesn't like milk, cream, sugar and whipped eggs? I know I sure love it and adding a little alcohol doesn't hurt it either.

Another popular holiday drink that I've found is the gingerbread martini. The recipe I found calls for vanilla vodka (yum so far) and halzelnut liqueur along with butterscotch schnapps. Ginger beer is another recommended staple with float dark rum. It's finished off with a garnish of gingerbread man cookie crumbs. Positively heavenly!

Caroling wine is simply wine made better when you add a few things like cinnamon, oranges, salt, and sugar. I also love mulling spice or whatever you call that heavenly mixture of spicy goodness.

No matter what you like to drink during the holidays check out for ideas!

Oh the Weather Outside is.........

Perfect! I feel bad for the rest of the nation. While you guys are freezing, here in Florida it's been positively perfect. We've mostly had days where it's been in the 70's all the way up to the 80's, and I live in Northwest Florida where it gets colder than down south. In fact, we were doing some shopping a few days ago in the evening time and it was about 74 degrees. It reminded me of when we were in the Bahamas in December and you'd see Christmas decorations everywhere while the temperature was in the upper 70's at night. I can't tell you how good that made me feel. While I don't mind a little cold weather, it brought back memories of our trips to the Caribbean and how different the weather was there in the winter time.

It's supposed to get cold again but them warm back up. I'm really looking forward to it but right now I'm going to enjoy the 75 degree weather forecast
for tomorrow.

Celebrity Surgery News

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for checking out celebrity surgery news. I love seeing who has had the latest nose job, botox, plastic surgery or breast augmentation. I don't know if it's just that I'm nosy or simply the fact that it makes me feel better that celebrities aren't perfect and need a little help too.

Maybe it's some of them are so beautiful that you breathe a sigh of relief when you see that they had help getting that way. It makes you feel more normal instead of jealous that you don't look like them. Why else do we thumb through magazines at the supermarket or check out stories we read on the Internet? Either way, I do enjoy sites that allow me to get my fix of celebrity surgery news.

With Star Surgery you can do just that; you can see who in Hollywood had what done and win. There are before and after photos too so you can compare and see if you agree that there have been changes made. Check them out and see for yourself.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Memorable Domain Names

As someone that not only runs websites but owns businesses, memorable domain names are important. While I have domain names that are unique to me, you have to have something that a client or potential customer will remember. By having a memorable name for your domain, it keeps your brand message fresh in their minds.

For instance, if someone meets you and you tell them about your business, you want to know that they can find you in case they lose your information or business card. By having a name that is easy to remember and unique, you have a better chance of them finding your site, company or brand.

Another example is the Kleenex brand. Not only do most people call a tissue a Kleenex, it doesn't matter what brand it is. Other examples include Coke, Vaseline, Jacuzzi and Xerox. All of these are brand names that have become what we know as the item itself.

By creating a brand that people remember, you stay in their minds and that helps your business out by conveying your brand as something they won't forget.

Karsun’s Reviews of Smashing Resumes

If there's one thing you need for a good job it's an excellent and professional resume. I recently stumbled upon Smashing Resumes, Groupon is what led me there. I love looking at the deals at Groupon and while I work from home, I couldn't resist checking out this resume writing service. Check out the Smashing Resumes reviews and see for yourself.

I found out that three people check your resume after it's done to make sure that it's perfect and they include industry specific keywords as well. For anyone that knows anything about SEO, think of how your resume can achieve the same thing. Years of experience and a staff that can answer anything you need within one business day and you have a great place to get your resume where you need it to be.

So if you're looking for the perfect job, don't forget about your resume. Isn't it worth ensuring it's the best it can be so that you have the most opportunities? I know in today's economy you surely need that edge and why not let it be with a resume editing service that knows the business?


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