Saturday, December 14, 2013

Residential Mailing List Brokers

In today's business world you have to be savvy enough to know what works for your brand. A few years ago you could engage in telemarketing customers and that worked - for a while. Now with "do not call" lists and jaded consumers, it's much harder. One thing that still works is direct mail to residential targets and if you're looking for residential mailing list brokers then Martin Worldwide is the place for you.

The deal with three major components of direct mail and those are:

  • Direct Marketing Lists. This is perfect for reaching out to your target demographic. Whether it's businesses, consumers or active buyers, they are the industry's top leader and knows how to reach the 290 million consumers in the United States along with over 14 million businesses.
  • Opt-In Email Marketing. They take care of every aspect in your email marketing and make it easy to reach the right person for your product or services.
  • List Ordering System. If it's lists you need then look no further. With the self-service marketing tool you can reach the people you need to reach with a list that is perfect for your demographic.
While social media also reaches potential customers, don't forget about the millions that aren't engaging in social media. Whether it's an older demographic that isn't on top of the computer world or it's a business that likes to do things old-school, direct mail marketing is the way to go. It works and it's simple with Martin Worldwide.

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