Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rickshaws London

I've never been to London, with yet being the keyword here, but if I ever go I definitely want to check out one of the rickshaws in London. Not only do they look incredibly fun but imagine seeing the city without glass between you and the sights. No bumpy taxi ride or crowded bus because you can see everything up close and personal.

London Rickshaws has been around since 2003 and there are many tours that you can take. In fact, there are ten amazing tours such as:

  • Romantic Rickshaw Day & Evening Tours
  • Theatre Land Tour – West End's Finest
  • The Top 10 – London Rickshaws classic sightseeing destinations
  • Market Tour – Borough Market & Spitalfields
  • Gourmet Rickshaw Tour – Restaurant & Gastro Pub tours
  • Sherlock Holmes Tour
  • Comedy Tour – Pub & Comedy Store
  • Fright @ Night – The Jack the Ripper Rickshaw Tour
  • Rickshaw Treasure Hunt tour – TBA
  • Museum Rickshaw Tour – V&A, Tate Modern
I'd love the classic sightseeing destinations, the gourmet tour or for sure the Jack the Ripper tour!

Another great thing is that if you live in London then you can advertise on them as well. It's a great way of getting "green" advertising while still allowing people to see your brand.

Check them out and imagine a tour where you get personalised attention and can see everything up close.

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