Friday, January 24, 2014

Rent Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

If there's one thing that makes a wedding or party elegant it's the centerpieces. Did you know that you can rent ostrich feather centerpieces that will make everything look gorgeous and elegant? Whether it's ostrich feather centerpieces you want for a sweet 16 or that perfect look for your party or wedding, Designer Centerpieces has it all.

All you do is choose one of the six different styles which includes mini-towers, vases, floor towers, lamp shades, nebulas, or feather chandeliers and you're all set. They ship to all US states by FedEx and you can do it yourself or pay to have a full set-up done for you then taken down when your party is over. You can even rent ostrich feathers by themselves to create your own look.

Check out the photos and get your own ideas for making your party a huge success.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yamie Chess to Launch at New York Toy Fair

If you're a parent or an educator you might want to check out a new product that helps children learn math. Believe me, I could have used something like this growing up because I have an awful time with math. Yamie Chess is designed by educators and developed by MIT, Stanford, and Cal-Tech engineers as well as advised by a US chess champion, Jen Shahade.

What it does is teach through the power of cartoons using cognitive thinking, math and science while using the benefits of classical chess. It makes learning fun and effective.

According to Math Professor Ching at MIT,:

Research has shown that, by itself, learning to play chess is tied to better logical reasoning and stronger performance in math. Yamie Chess adds to this by integrating both mathematical content and math puzzles into the text.
Yamie Chess launches at the New York Toy Fair next month and whether you're a parent wanting to help your child learn or an educator looking for a fun way for your students to learn math, Yamie Chess is an excellent tool for just that.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Neat Things We Saw, Heard or Did in New Orleans

Here are a few of the neat things we saw, heard or did while in New Orleans.

  • A street vendor chased Rich down saying he'd taken her photo and demanded to be compensated or something crazy. He finally had to show her in the camera that he did not take her photo and told her to apologize - she did. LOL
  • Saw one fight but it was pretty wild. It was a business looking guy fighting with a street guy. Now what was interesting is that the street guy's girlfriend was holding off their dog who very much wanted in on the fight. We were driving so I have no idea what they were fighting over but what a camera moment had we been able to catch it.
  • Stayed in the hotel where some of American Horror Story Coven was filmed and went in one shop where the lady said that Frances Conroy had been in a few times. Also got a photo of the academy where they film and saw the frat house but got off of the street car too soon to get a photo.
  • Saw Sandra Bullock's house, John Goodman's house, Peyton and Eli Manning's childhood house, the house where they filmed part of Django Unchained, and got to go into the courtyard of one of the spectacular houses in the Garden District. The lady of the house let us go in, take pictures then left after we all did.
  • Learned all about voodoo including that you can't tell in some of the Catholic churches there who is practicing voodoo and who is not since the people that practice voodoo also believe in God and many are catholic. I had always wondered about that so it was pretty cool. You can read some more FAQS here and here's a quote: Voodoo accepts that God manifests differently at different times and places. "You can be a Hindu and practice Voodoo, or a Buddhist or a Catholic of course. Voodoo is very tolerant. In that sense it appeals to many who are disheartened by all the intolerance in the world."
  • Didn't ever feel unsafe and the next time we go we are going to the cemetery alone since it's filled with tourists. 
  • Saw a silverback gorilla at Audubon Zoo who would look at me every time I said, "Hey pretty!" 
  • Everyone other than the one street vendor were very friendly and we felt welcomed.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Abandoned Six Flags

So one of the things we really wanted to do was take photos of the outside of abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. We knew you could see it from the interstate but when I put it in Google Maps, it took us right to the main entrance. It's in the middle of this residential area but by itself too. It was pretty creepy because unlike what we'd heard, there was no filming going on and we could just walk in. However, having no one with us but just us two, we were hesitant to go inside without a gun or a way of keeping lookout. If we'd gone with a large group we would have risked it but by ourselves, no way. We did go in just not throughout the park because honestly, it was creepy. You're in the middle of nowhere and there's no one around although another couple did come by and look at it too while we were there. I'll have photos on Flickr and you can see this one, obviously.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A People Search That Includes it All

Have you ever tried to find someone online? Sure, it sounds easy but you usually find everything except what you're looking for. Finally there's a people search that has everything from their connections in their professional life, companies they work for, social networks and even other public data.

For instance, let's say you're looking for an old classmate you lost contact with and want to find them. You may learn where they work, if they're on Facebook or LinkedIn as well as any other public place online. This allows you to connect with them easily without searching through thousands of names on a search engine only to find out the person you're looking at isn't the right one. Plus, it's easier to find someone when you can find them socially. If you use a popular white pages type of search, if you're lucky you may find their name and phone number (if it's current) and where they live but that doesn't help you connect with them if they don't have a current phone number. With the way many people only use cell phones now, you'll be lucky to find even that. Now if you had their social activity as a way of connect as well, it'd be so much easier to get back in touch and that's what Fiderio does for you.

Finderio is semantic social people and companies search engine and the best thing about using it is that it's free to use. You just enter a first and last name and you're ready to start finding the people you want to reconnect with.

Now you don't have to wade through thousands of results on a search engine only to be disappointed when you can't find what you're looking for. Try out Finderio and see if you can find that person you want to reconnect with.

Places to Eat in New Orleans

We just returned from our trip so I wanted to start with the places we ate on our visit. Every bit of food we ate was phenomenal, I might add.

  • The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant. This one we stopped at on our first night. We were walking down Bourbon Street and ran into this, which is actually on Saint Peter Street. We stopped in because we saw it was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Well, it was delicious! We had the crab balls as an appetizer and we split (yes they actually let us split dinner) the seafood platter. We split it because I was still getting over being sick so that worked out great. Total cost including drinks was $53.29 including tip.
  • Bayou Burger and Sports Co. This was a place we had looked up and wanted to try and it was delicious! Located right in the middle of Boubon Street, this restaurant has tons of burgers to eat. We had the root beer they serve on draft, the debris fries as an appetizer, Rich had the Cowboy Burger and I had the Gator Burger. My burger was one of the best ones I've ever had even though I've had gator before. Total spent was around $55.
  • Daisy Dukes. This was where we stopped after riding around on the St. Charles Streetcar because it was late and they serve breakfast 24/7. The service was unbelievable and they have 2 for 1 Bloody Mary's. I had the Bloody Mary's, Rich had Dr. Pepper, I had the seafood omelet with a side of sausage and that was a mistake cause the omelet was huge and I mean HUGE. Rich had the cajun omelet. Total spent was $47.74.
  • Cafe Du Monde. Well, you can't go to New Orleans without stopping here so of course we had coffee and beignets. They're open 24 hours and no matter what time you go, they're packed. Total cost was almost $11.
  • American Sector. We went here because it's a John Besh restaurant and we didn't need reservations. Service was great and the food was totally delicious. We each got one of the shakes and they were superb. You can get them malted or regular. We got a couple of the 75 cent sliders and I ordered the shrimp salad sandwich and Rich got the American burger. The fries are perfect and everything comes out really fancy like his burger was on a thick cutting board and the fries are in tin cans with paper. We really loved it and the portions were huge; I even brought half of my sandwich home. Total spent was $53.50 plus tip.
  • Pat O'Briens. Well, you can't visit New Orleans without also visiting Pat O'Briens. They're the ones with the famous Hurricane drinks you see everyone carrying around. We decided to eat there as well. We each got a Hurricane and they are super strong - no wonder people get drunk off of them. We ordered the gator bites as an appetizer and got the special which was a prime rib. It came with potatoes and asparagus and let me tell you, one of the best prime ribs I have ever had - the taste was phenomenal. Total spent was $90.05 and that included the tip and our souvenir glasses.
As you can see, food is expensive but we figured on $100 a day and never even came close to spending that except with the Pat O'Briens meal. The portions are huge on everything and the service was excellent. I can't say that we had one single thing that wasn't delicious.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

UK Franchise Marketing

As someone who runs a number of websites, I know how important it is to include the best search engine optimization possible for the person owning the sites. If you do franchise marketing, you can be sure that instead of bad reviews you'll have rave reviews of your service with UK Franchise Marketing.

What you get is a central point where you can control all of the sites you run and have a cost effective way of SEO utilized at its best. You can access it in any normal browser so you don't have to worry about learning new software or downloads that take up space. You can build franchise themes before you decide on a specific one, the ability to create a customized roll-out plan, on-board specialists at your disposal and best of all, all of your reports in one location that is easy to access and control.

I know that search engine optimization (SEO) is paramount in acquiring and keeping customers and your franchisees know this as well so make sure you have all of the tools you need to keep your own customers happy.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Am So Behind

I honestly need to keep up with this blog more often but I get busy doing so much that it falls to the wayside. Anyway, our vacation this year isn't a cruise but a trip back to New Orleans. I can't wait! We leave in less than two weeks and this time we're staying right in the French Quarter, a block from Bourbon Street.

We hope to take a ton of photos, go on some tours and eat at some awesome restaurants. I know one place we're going is John Besh's restaurant, Luke. Looking forward to that and visiting Cafe du Monde. Last time we went we didn't drink coffee so we had no reason to really go but now we live on it.

Hopefully I can keep up with more posts! :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wall Decals for Boys

If you have a little boy then you know how important it is to give them a room that reflects their personality. No matter what your little boy loves, you can find wall decals for boys that will not only make him feel like his room is his very own but you'll love the price, choices and how easy it is to set up the room in just minutes.

For instance, you get a variety of choices such as:
  • animals
  • sports 
  • dinosaurs
  • superheroes
  • outer space
  • vehicles
  • pirates and treasure
  • Star Wars
  • Transformers
  • and many more!
In fact, there are over 6000 wall decor products to choose from and even those for that special little girl in your life.

So the next time you want to redecorate or even if you're planning for a new addition to your household, why not make things easier by choosing wall decals that decorate the room without having to hire a contractor.


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