Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Neat Things We Saw, Heard or Did in New Orleans

Here are a few of the neat things we saw, heard or did while in New Orleans.

  • A street vendor chased Rich down saying he'd taken her photo and demanded to be compensated or something crazy. He finally had to show her in the camera that he did not take her photo and told her to apologize - she did. LOL
  • Saw one fight but it was pretty wild. It was a business looking guy fighting with a street guy. Now what was interesting is that the street guy's girlfriend was holding off their dog who very much wanted in on the fight. We were driving so I have no idea what they were fighting over but what a camera moment had we been able to catch it.
  • Stayed in the hotel where some of American Horror Story Coven was filmed and went in one shop where the lady said that Frances Conroy had been in a few times. Also got a photo of the academy where they film and saw the frat house but got off of the street car too soon to get a photo.
  • Saw Sandra Bullock's house, John Goodman's house, Peyton and Eli Manning's childhood house, the house where they filmed part of Django Unchained, and got to go into the courtyard of one of the spectacular houses in the Garden District. The lady of the house let us go in, take pictures then left after we all did.
  • Learned all about voodoo including that you can't tell in some of the Catholic churches there who is practicing voodoo and who is not since the people that practice voodoo also believe in God and many are catholic. I had always wondered about that so it was pretty cool. You can read some more FAQS here and here's a quote: Voodoo accepts that God manifests differently at different times and places. "You can be a Hindu and practice Voodoo, or a Buddhist or a Catholic of course. Voodoo is very tolerant. In that sense it appeals to many who are disheartened by all the intolerance in the world."
  • Didn't ever feel unsafe and the next time we go we are going to the cemetery alone since it's filled with tourists. 
  • Saw a silverback gorilla at Audubon Zoo who would look at me every time I said, "Hey pretty!" 
  • Everyone other than the one street vendor were very friendly and we felt welcomed.

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