Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yamie Chess to Launch at New York Toy Fair

If you're a parent or an educator you might want to check out a new product that helps children learn math. Believe me, I could have used something like this growing up because I have an awful time with math. Yamie Chess is designed by educators and developed by MIT, Stanford, and Cal-Tech engineers as well as advised by a US chess champion, Jen Shahade.

What it does is teach through the power of cartoons using cognitive thinking, math and science while using the benefits of classical chess. It makes learning fun and effective.

According to Math Professor Ching at MIT,:

Research has shown that, by itself, learning to play chess is tied to better logical reasoning and stronger performance in math. Yamie Chess adds to this by integrating both mathematical content and math puzzles into the text.
Yamie Chess launches at the New York Toy Fair next month and whether you're a parent wanting to help your child learn or an educator looking for a fun way for your students to learn math, Yamie Chess is an excellent tool for just that.

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