Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mohs Surgery

Many of you already know but I had Mohs Surgery last week to remove a skin cancer on my face. It actually went much better than I thought. I had heard horror stories of being there 8-11 hours and multiple passes (a pass is each time you go back to have another layer removed till the cancer is gone).

I actually got by with one pass and was able to get stitched up by a plastic surgeon. I have 20 stitches in my face, a black eye, and the swelling just went down today. It hurts some but I do get stitches out tomorrow.

If you have a place on your body that doesn't heal or looks odd have it checked out. This is my second skin cancer and my second surgery although it's my first Mohs surgery.

I'm very pleased with how it all went and the time it took. There wasn't a lot of pain since they deaden you very well and the doctors were all super nice. Supposedly you won't see the scar very much in a few months. I have been going out in public though - I can't sit at home till this scar goes away.

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