Sunday, April 20, 2014

Commercial Space Flight

Have you always dreamed of going into space? You probably thought that is all it is, just a dream. However, you can actually take a commercial space flight and make your dreams come true.

With the Space Expedition Corporation you get to be one of the first people in mankind to go on into space; in fact, only 24 people have done it before.

You get the expert training you need, a rocket powered flight in the Lynx private space craft at Mach 2.9, have 5-6 minutes of true weightlessness, and you actually get to be the co-pilot. You don't have to sit in back to just ride along, you actually get to take partial control.

The Space Expedition Corporation believes that space should be accessible to everyone and if you have the means and desire to go then you can book your ticket and experience something most everyone in the world has only dreamed of. Check out the site for more information including costs and details. 

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