Thursday, May 29, 2014

Internet Marketing Consultant

With most everyone selling someone on the Internet, it can be difficult to find your own way around and become successful without having the proper tools. Wouldn't it be nice to have your very own Internet Marketing Consultant? With SeoSamba you get that and more.

What they do is help with managing SEO, social networking, and online marketing. All of this works with a single cloud-based interface. For instance, SEO Toaster is just one of the many helpful utilities that you can use. It works by jumpstarting your online shop or website. You get fast system installation with setup wizard, free customizable pre-packaged templates, and tutorials, cheat sheets and step-by-step videos. You don't have to be a webmaster because it's easy to use; just log in, point and click to add elements and online content, and designs your site without limitations. 

You also get plug and play ecommerce, making it seamless to sell your products without bulky and confusing coding or software.

This is the perfect way to get all of the help you need from a marketing consultant but the freedom to do it yourself.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scientific Parenting Advice

If you have a toddler then there's no better time than to learn about parenting advice and discipline. A Rookie Parent is a site that combines information about child development with a scientific approach - something that is innovative and can be helpful in learning about how to teach your child respect and how punishment can be done in an effective way that is constructive, not constraining.

The site has excellent articles on a variety of things such as discipline, respect, and more. Many new parents don't have the right tools to work with on knowing how to raise a child and may end up with a bossy or unruly toddler. With these tools, new parents can learn about a scientific approach on raising healthy, happy, and most importantly, respectful toddlers.

It's never too soon to learn the right way of doing things and A Rookie Parent can help you with an approach that is scientifically sound.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Universal Life Church

If you're looking for more guidance and love in your life then Universal Life Church may be what you seek. It's a universal church and one of the largest with over 20 million listeners of their station on iHeartRadio as well as other ways to learn.

Their goal is helping people, offering ordination to men and women, defending the unborn, feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, sheltering the homeless, and anything to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ. They believe the Bible is the verbally inspired, inerrant Word of God.

In fact, their motto is that:

"A vocation is a fruit that ripens in a well cultivated field of mutual love that becomes mutual service, in the context of an authentic ecclesial life. No vocation is born of itself or lives for itself. A vocation flows from the heart of God and blossoms in the good soil of faithful people, in the experience of fraternal love. We are designed with a dreaming brain and a hopeful spirit; it is our nature to envision the life of our dreams. And while dreaming comes easy to us, we must never forget that it takes strength, dedication, and courageous action to bring that dream to life."

As a follower of Jesus Christ's teachings, I feel that this is an important post about a place where others can find the love of God and live a more productive and loving life. Check out their site and see what you can find for your own life.


As a photographer who takes photos at weddings, I know how important it is to have the right atmosphere and one thing that can make any wedding more festive and beautiful is wedding day sparklers.

These are a really unique idea to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. They make the perfect wedding favor and guests can light them as you are leaving in lieu of throwing something like rice. Each sparkler lasts 30-45 seconds but each guest should have about five sparklers each so that you get the sparklers in your photos. This way those that light theirs too soon will have another so they can show up at the right time.

They're smokeless so they won't ruin the moment and you can pair them with a book of matches. You can get a box of 300 sparklers for under $40 and make your wedding a truly special moment that shows up in photos as unique and beautiful.

Inventory Software

If you run your own business there's one thing that is important to keep up with - your inventory. Thankfully, with inventory software you can do it easily and efficiently.

Otterology has a software program that allows you to do a number of things like view your inventory on your mobile device, enter each cost per item to keep up with profits, add and adjust inventory online or with a spreadsheet upload, manage multiple locations' sales and inventory with one account, and run sales and profit reports by item, location, or category.

You can start the free 14-day trial and if you like it it's under $20 a month. You don't even need a credit card to try it out to see if you like it. But as a business owner myself, I know how important it is to have the right software in order to make your business easy to run and give you more freedom to handle other important tasks. Check it out - it's free to try and you may just change how you do business from now on.

Fleas are Back

I hate fleas! We've had some rain then it turned warm so before I knew it, the fleas are back. Thankfully I have some products I use that work great. One is a brand like Capstar which knocks off the fleas within a few minutes and they're all dead. This is great for infestations or even if you just see one. Then you of course have your preventative. The vet wants us to start using Comfortis and I do want to try it but it's expensive for three dogs. Does anyone use it and what do you think?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Furniture Stores in Brooklyn

There are plenty of furniture stores in Brooklyn but the one you want to check out is Furniture Center where they offer traditional and contemporary designs for every room in your home.

You can shop by brand, room in your home, or check out the many exciting specials such as the spring sale going on right now. They even sell home decor such as wall art, throws, and rugs so you can complete your room's look without having to shop anywhere else. And for your bedroom they offer mattresses as well.

You'll find elegant and beautiful furniture such as my favorite, the North Shore Dark Brown Upholstered Sofa. It's absolutely stunning and would look great in any traditionally decorated den or living room.

They offer financing as well as delivery so you can sit back and relax after you find the perfect piece.

Furniture stores in Dover

If you're looking for furniture stores in Dover then you won't want to miss Furniture House. It's been family owned since 1973 and you can find a variety of furniture for every room in your house.

You can search a number of ways such as by tags (contemporary, modern, mission, traditional, etc) or by room such as living room, kids room, dining room, home office, and more. In fact, there's an entire section dedicated to my personal favorite, leather furniture. My favorite is the white Paulie DuraBlend Sofa and Lovseat but there are many more awesome leather choices.

They not only offer financing but they deliver so you can leave all of the hard work to them. There are many specials available and you can view the store flyer for even more deals that can allow you to find the perfect piece of furniture at a price you can afford.

The Weather is "Off"

It's May 15th here in Florida and it's a breezy 70 outside with lows in the 50's tonight. This is nuts although I'm not complaining. Our averages for this time of year are highs of 84 and lows of 65. The record high is 101 and the record low is 46 so I guess we won't break the record but it's certainly out of season. I'm not complaining though, I'm thrilled to be able to have the doors open right now and let the house air out for a change.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Houston Compounding Pharmacy

If you live in the Houston area and are looking for something unique in a pharmacy, check out Uptown Pharmacy. What makes them different? Well, first of all they are a Houston Compounding Pharmacy.

What this means is that they can make medications from scratch, just like in the old days. What this means for you is that you can get dosages not commercially available, get medications free from certain allergens like gluten, dyes, alcohol, sugars, and lactose, get flavored medications for children, get a combination of medications, and more. You won't find that at just any Houston Pharmacy and in fact, you might have a hard time finding that kind of service just about anywhere.

They like to think of themselves as a modern apothecary where you get convenience yet customized care. So if you live in Houston, check them out and see just how different they are and what they can do for you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Best Quality Tailors in Hoi An

When thinking about custom made suits, you may have thought you could only go to a shop in person and for most people, unless you live in a large city, that's impossible. What if you could get your custom made suit delivered right to your door by the best quality tailors in Hoi An?

How it works is that you simply choose the suit you like and customize it. You get to choose the fabric and your finely tailored suit is custom made within three to seven workdays and can be delivered to virtually any country in the world within two to three weeks.

They make it easy to get a custom tailored suit at a price people can afford. So you can look like a million dollars but no one has to know that you didn't spend thousands on your suit! Check out Sesan Hoi An Tailor - you'll be impressed with what they have to offer.

Ladera Lending

If you're looking for a mortgage banker with experience, attention to detail, and quality customer service then look no further than Ladera Lending.

With almost two decades of experience, they are a full-service mortgage lender with in-house origination, processing, underwriting, docs and funding, they take care of everything for you and nothing has to be sent out or dealt with by some other company which means you save time and hassle.

It takes just three questions that you answer to get a quote on 30, 20 and 15 year fixed rates as well as 3, 5, and 7 year ARM programs. These are real-time rates and quotes so you don't have to worry that everything has changed as soon as you've gotten your quote or rate and you can apply online easily and securely.

If you are looking for a mortgage lender you can trust and won't have to worry about being buried in paperwork, then check out Ladera Lending.


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