Sunday, June 8, 2014

Comforters Infused with Aloe Vera

If there's one thing I love it's a white goose down comforter. I first got one a few years ago and there's nothing like it in the world. They're comfortable, warm, and just so cozy. We originally had a nice bed set on a cruise. It had a down duvet and after that I said that we had to get something similar, and we did.

Now I find out I can also get comforters infused with aloe vera! Another one of my favorite things are throws. I love getting a comfortable, luxurious throw and to have one infused with aloe vera is just to die for. These are reversible microplush throws - one side is micro plush velvet and the other is a microfiber comforter - both sides have the aloe vera. Sounds heavenly.

These are comforters made of high quality Egyptian cotton and if you know your bedding, you know how important Egyptian cotton is compared to other styles.

Check everything out at Nature Relax where you can find the comforters and more. They use use 100% ELS cotton, Egyptian like, and premium down and feather for filling, IDFL certified clean and hygienic.

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