Monday, September 29, 2014

GRIFFIN EMBLEM – a new automatic watch brand from France

Where does the name Griffin Emblem come from?

GRIFFIN EMBLEM was founded in 2013, the brand name came from the king of everything in Greek myth, a kind of mythical creatures which was combined by representative of land (lion) and representative of sky (hawk), its pattern was usually used in the medal of European royal and nobility and symbolized as the protector of hidden treasure and wealth.

GRIFFIN EMBLEM is more about the treasure than the griffin. We loved the one that talk about the fact that the griffin were heroes, but also protector of gold. On the logo you can see the griffin is touching a diamond. This diamond is the reference of the treasure Griffins were fighting for. The emblem word is more a reference of the treasure than a synonym of "logo" for example.

The brand concept of GRIFFIN EMBLEM insists on the principle of few quantity and high quality. They create a series of valuable limited edition mechanical watch by careful design, superior selection and artistic polish.

What Griffin Emblem is SELLING?

Many people expect to own a brilliant mechanical watch with front view skeleton in their life, in addition to admiring the magnificent oscillating from the balance wheel, it is also a symbol of personal taste; however, even the price of entry level Swiss mechanical watch is too expensive for most young people. Moreover, the design of this kind of watch is pretty mature to cater to this kind of consumption group, not all the people who are pursuing fashion like them.

At this moment, French designer Alain Recuze and his team expects to make change on Griffin Emblem, creating a fashionable mechanical watch brand with affordable price and high quality. It pursues the precise mechanical movement with front view skeleton; meanwhile, it owns overall advanced materials, fine finishing and fashionable design.

In addition to the fine finishing of 316L stainless steel case, every Griffin Emblem watch uses high quality and reputable mechanical movement with front view skeleton which are made by Citizen Miyota Co, Ltd in Japan. It is one of the few high quality mechanical movements which can challenge the famous ETA mechanical movement which is made in Swiss. In addition to achieving a stable performance of 21,600 vibrations per hour, its precise ruby escapement is a further guarantee to its sensitivity, and ensures that it will still keep accurate time after years of grinding.

What makes Griffin Emblem a stylish and affordable watch to get?

The design of Griffin Emblem watch combines fashion with traditional technology, a lot of combination of brush and polish finishing, professional straight angle and right-angle cutaway technology are used in the shape design of the watch, it features clear and clean lines and brings new appearance to the traditional mechanical watches.

Griffin Emblem watch is a very fashionable costume for all occasions. Whether you attend a grand dress party, a celebration or golf, or enjoy a sunny outdoor activity - GRIFFIN EMBLEM is absolutely a costume of your beautiful and elegant.

Who is the ambassador of Griffin Emblem?

Griffin Emblem obtain support from champion of Mr. France 2014 Mr. Ricardo Pinto because of their philosophy, commitment and professionalism. Mr. Ricardo Pinto became the brand ambassador of Griffin Emblem and promoted our brand concept.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Milky Way

We were fortunate enough to get to photograph the Milky Way the other night. Honestly, I don't know if I've ever even seen it in person but we finally got to. It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. The vastness of the Galaxy, the beauty of the Milky Way, and being around friends who share the same interest made it all magical. This is our first attempt at photographing and editing these kinds of shots but I wouldn't change the experience for anything.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tax Refund Cycle Chart

If you typically file your taxes early, you cannot file them next year until January 31st. However, if you are someone that has to file early for whatever reason, there is a handy tax refund cycle chart that you can check to find out when you might receive your refund. Not only does this help give you an idea of when it might come, it saves you time of having to call the IRS and waste your time with a cycle of phone transfers or having to look it up online; now you have it in one easy to use place.

Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready such as your W2's and 1099's, if applicable and you'll need any receipts that are applicable, your bank statements, brokerage statements, and 2439 forms if applicable to your situation. Once the IRS starts accepting tax filings after January, you can then check when your refund may come.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Richer Than You

Have you ever wanted to say to something that you are richer than them? Well, what if you could prove it? Sure, not everyone has the means to even consider putting themselves on a site proving wealth but for that that can afford to do so, sometimes it's nice to be able to flaunt your wealth and don't think for a minute that some rich people don't do that. It's only natural to some to want to show off what they have achieved through hard work and success.

Richer Than You is a social network site where people can do just that - show their worth by creating a profile where the only people who can see it are those that have paid the minimum set. Of course, the more you pay, the higher you are ranked. It's like a competition for rich people.

Many of you that read this may think that it's a ridiculous idea but in all honesty, for those that are very wealthy, it's an idea they may embrace. Check it out and see if you want to showcase your riches too!

Friday, September 5, 2014

SnapLeash Giveaway

The contest is finally here. You enter to win your own SnapLeash by just entering the contest and liking pages, tweeting, etc. It's easy, fair, and best of all, you could win a SnapLeash like I have in the color and size you want. The contest starts tomorrow so everyone has time to enter.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Big Wide Calm

Paige has dreams – dreams of being a rock star. John is a former singer and songwriter who was somewhat famous in his time. Now put the two together and you get the formula for a novel that is as interesting as it is realistic. The two butt heads and before dreams can be realized, they have to work together as a team and that may just be harder to do than it seems.

The Big Wide Calm is an experience. The story was engaging and the characters were not only realistic but interesting, which is as important as the writing style, which by the way, was excellent as well.

The story starts with Paige meeting John as his recording studio and him inviting her to stay there so he can record her album at no charge. Of course, Paige is no ordinary pop star wannabe; she's complex, multi-layered and far beyond her years, as you'll find out when reading more about her. John is complex too but its his mysterious demeanor and sadness that leads her to discover more about him. I won't give anything away but this is a story that draws you in and allows you to feel as if you are a part of the book, not just reading it.

No matter what kind of writing style you enjoy or what genre you usually read, this book is an excellent choice. The story makes you want to read more and when you've finished, you've read a novel that will stick with you and make you glad that you had the opportunity to experience it.

This is my first novel from Rich Marcello but I enjoyed every minute and will be checking out more of his work. I highly recommend The Big Wide Calm and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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