Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tax Refund Cycle Chart

If you typically file your taxes early, you cannot file them next year until January 31st. However, if you are someone that has to file early for whatever reason, there is a handy tax refund cycle chart that you can check to find out when you might receive your refund. Not only does this help give you an idea of when it might come, it saves you time of having to call the IRS and waste your time with a cycle of phone transfers or having to look it up online; now you have it in one easy to use place.

Make sure you have all of your paperwork ready such as your W2's and 1099's, if applicable and you'll need any receipts that are applicable, your bank statements, brokerage statements, and 2439 forms if applicable to your situation. Once the IRS starts accepting tax filings after January, you can then check when your refund may come.

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