Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tax Refund Calculator by H & R Block

Ask anyone and most people will tell you that they either hate doing their taxes or they get totally stressed out doing them. I actually don't hate doing mine but I do get stressed; I'm always worried I'll either do something wrong or not get the refund I am expecting - worse, I'll owe for the year, which has happened quite a few times.

One way to help get an idea of what you can expect is with the tax refund calculator by H & R Block. While this is not a precise measurement of what you can expect, it will help relieve a little of the pressure by giving you an estimate.

This is perfect for those like me who like to know everything in advance or like to plan ahead. It also allows those who want to budget, the power to do so with a more accurate idea of what they are doing. Oh and the best thing about it - it's free. You can use the calculator at no charge and get the help you need. It may not relieve all of your stress but if it takes some of it away then that's always a good thing.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Secret Outlast® Completely Clean Clear Gel

I love gel deodorant so I was happy to get to try this out. It went on clear, clean, and easy and best of all, the smell was totally pleasant. It wasn't too strong or perfumy and just had a clean scent. Be careful with any gel deodorant, click the dial too hard and you spurt out the gel all over the place. This is no reflection on the brand because they all do it. I'll definitely be buying more of this antiperspirant.

I received the product as part of a promotion from the brand but it in no way reflects my review.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Giveaway from Jay Companies

I found out about this great Fall Giveaway from Jay Companies and you should enter because we both win. Make sure you click the contest page link at the bottom and while you're there, check out some of their awesome fine and casual dinnerware, crystal stemware and giftware, table charger plates and decorative accessories.

Grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate worth $500 to spend at JayCompanies.com on anything their hearts desires. The first prize winner will receive a combination of stemware for 8, dinnerware for 8, and charger plate for 8. Two second prize winners will receive a beverage dispenser and customer’s choice of dinnerware set. Three 3rd place winners will receive a canister set, tray, and Jewellery Box.

To register and become a part of the fun all you have to do is visit the contest page to join

Monday, October 6, 2014

Android Mirroring with Mobizen

If you have an Android phone and would love to be able to mirror it to use on your PC then Mobizen is the perfect choice. With Mobizen you can do a number of things such as:

Android Mirroring with Mobizen

  • Play on your android / Access to your Android contents / Play it on any device
  • Continue Android on PC / Access to your Android contents / Play mobile apps from PC
  • Perfect Phone Mirroring / Take your mobile screen to PC / Your Android Comes anywhere
  • Play Android Games on PC / Play mobile games with a big screen / Get high score with mouse & keyboard
As well as:


  • Android screen recording / One touch recording with mirroring / Record your Android screen without rooting
This allows you much more freedom to do the things you love on your Android but at your computer so you have a larger screen, easier typing, and the convenience of multitasking. Check it out if you have an Android and would love to do more things with it without having to use your actual phone.


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