Monday, October 6, 2014

Android Mirroring with Mobizen

If you have an Android phone and would love to be able to mirror it to use on your PC then Mobizen is the perfect choice. With Mobizen you can do a number of things such as:

Android Mirroring with Mobizen

  • Play on your android / Access to your Android contents / Play it on any device
  • Continue Android on PC / Access to your Android contents / Play mobile apps from PC
  • Perfect Phone Mirroring / Take your mobile screen to PC / Your Android Comes anywhere
  • Play Android Games on PC / Play mobile games with a big screen / Get high score with mouse & keyboard
As well as:


  • Android screen recording / One touch recording with mirroring / Record your Android screen without rooting
This allows you much more freedom to do the things you love on your Android but at your computer so you have a larger screen, easier typing, and the convenience of multitasking. Check it out if you have an Android and would love to do more things with it without having to use your actual phone.

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