Monday, January 12, 2015

Estaries Donner Darnell RIP

Last week our precious Donner, a Belgian Malinois, had to go in for his comprehensive exam. He'd been a little sick but the next week he was throwing up all of his food. It turns out that he was in kidney failure. We knew his kidney enzyme levels were high in the past but nothing like this where it had escalated this fast.

The staff and vet was super nice and best of all, honest. We were told we could do very expensive treatment but it most likely would not work and would only give us another few months even if it did work. Plus, our dog would be hospitalized for 8-12 hours a day for this.

After the hard decision of euthanasia, the staff was so kind and helpful and Donner simply went to sleep with no issues. We were allowed as much time as we needed and were never spoken to with anything but kindness. I know Donner is in doggy heaven but knowing he went to sleep and has no more pain comforts us when we want to feel crushed over this. 

It's been very hard and we miss him more than anything. If you've ever loved a pet then you know exactly what I mean. We love you, Precious Donner - 4/19/2008-1/7/2015.

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