Saturday, February 21, 2015

Swimming Pool Essentials for This Summer

Most people can't even imagine summer right now but why not shop early while you're freezing in the winter? There are tons of swimming pool essentials that you can get right now that will satisfy your every need this summer.

For instance, Kelsyus pool loungers allow you to cool your legs and feet underwater while you float around and enjoy the sun. They deflate and inflate easily and store in a convenient disk. With the extended foot rest and area to rest your back, you'll love this lounger.

Another thing that is a necessity are the Kelsyus floating coolers. These coolers let you hold up to 12 quarts of refreshments with 18 cans without ice or 12 cans with ice. You can even store 6 cans on the outer rim. It has a zippered pouch and inflates so that you can use it on the water without spilled your drinks and losing them and the cord even attaches to your boat so it won't float away.

Check out all of the summer essentials you need so when it's time to enjoy the sun - you're ready.

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