Friday, June 26, 2015

Crystal Glass Paperweight Magnifying Glass Dome

I love glass and while this is a paperweight magnifying glass, it looks beautiful on my coffee table.

Honestly, I hate to admit that my eyes aren't what they used to be but they're not. This comes in handy to read small print but best of all, I can have it sit on the tabletop when I'm not using it and it looks like an art piece. Hey, I may look like I'm 30 but I think I have the eyes of a 70 year old - and not the "I'm still perfect" celebrity eyesight either!

It came in a really nice gift box and I was more than pleased with the shipping and the product itself. The glass is well made and has a heavy construction but not too heavy to use, of course. I just mean that it does not feel cheap whatsoever.

While I received this at a discounted rate for an unbiased review, this is something I'd definitely have paid full price for.

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