Thursday, July 30, 2015

ISA Professional EVAO Organic Argan Oil

I love organic Argan Oil. I first discovered it a few years ago from my hair stylist and have been using it ever since.

I found ISA Proffesional EVAO Organic Argan Oil on Amazon and I really like it. It's
cold pressed so it has all of its vitamins and nutrients and there's nothing added to it or removed so what you get is exactly the extra virgin Argan Oil.

I had the opportunity to try this brand out in exchange for an unbiased review. I immediately opened it up and tried some. It has a pleasant smell and goes on really smooth. If you've used Argan Oil then you know it has a very oily texture that is thick and makes your skin and hair nourished.

I've used it a few times now and I'm very pleased with it so I can totally recommend this to anyone looking for a good Argan Oil brand or someone who is new to this type of oil and simply wants a vitamin rich, nourishing oil.

PS It's a Fair Trade product and produced by a cooperative of Berber Moroccan women.

Periscope - I'm Kind of Hooked

I don't use Twitter often enough it seems but I found this app that is so much fun that I use Twitter much more often. It's a thing called Periscope where you can watch people all over the world doing whatever they're doing. I've watched a guy in England walk to work, a guy at the Caspian Sea, a girl in New Zealand on a ferry going to work, people driving in Dubai, Disney World rides, and I follow Discovering Israel.

Once in a while I broadcast too. People can type stuff and you can talk back to them. You get hearts too if someone likes what you're broadcasting. Anyway, my Twitter ID is @karsunD but I'm not on there but once in a while. The videos stay up 24 hours though.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zahler Vitamin D3 5000IU

Those of you who know me personally know that I was diagnosed as being deficient in Vitamin D3. Now while some people can get what they need from the sun, I've also had skin cancer twice and had surgery just last year so that's out too.

However, I have to have some way of getting what I need so a supplement is what I take and Zahler Vitamin D3 5000IU is easy to swallow and you get 120 soft gels at a very low price.

I'm really happy with them so far and since I have to take them anyway, I might as well take something that goes down easy and is affordable too.

While I received this item free for an unbiased review, I only review those items with positivity that I actually use and like and this product certainly qualifies. I have used Zahler products in the past and really love the company.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

HealthyCell Enhanced Daily Multivitamin

I take vitamins daily and when I was offered to try out HealthyCell Enhanced Daily Multivitamin for an unbiased review, I jumped on the chance. You see, these are quite different. They have a daytime formula and a nighttime formula to take.

The daytime vitamins help with more energy and focus and the nighttime ones focus on letting you get a restful sleep and believe me, I need that.

Each vitamin has more than just the usual too. In fact, they have 64 plant based compounds to improve cell health, 13 vitamins for organ support, and 5 enzymes for digestive nutrient absorption. There are probiotics in them as well as enzymes and antioxidants. Really, what more could you want?

The price is perhaps a bit more than you're used to but it is a day and night 60 day supply so if you divide it up, that's just $10 a month.

So far, I'm pleased with the product and its ingredients.

While I received this product for an unbiased review, I only give positive reviews to products I truly like and have tested.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Valentina Paris Hand Painted Wine Glasses

I was fortunate enough to receive these beautiful hand painted wine glasses from Valentina Paris. Let me be the first to say that the photos cannot do these justice. When I received them and opened up the well-packaged box, I was simply stunned at how beautiful they are. The colors are rich and bold and they're even a little larger than I expected. I have them displayed on my dining room table and they add so much personality and beauty to my table.

You can find these at Amazon and I highly suggest checking them out if you love beautiful glasses or if you want new wine glasses for any reason at all.

The company is awesome and I couldn't be happier. This is one review that I was and am thrilled to be a part of.

I may have received these for an unbiased review but honestly, I could not be more pleased and only wish I had more of these. #ValentinaParis

Squash Casserole

I used to have this recipe up on here and the link is gone so here it is again.

  • 2 lbs of yellow squash
  • Half stick of butter
  • 1 sleeve of Ritz crackers (or generic brand)
  • 8 oz cheddar cheese shredded
  • chopped onions
  • 1/8 cup of milk
  • salt and pepper or other seasoning

Cut squash into slices and boil until tender. In a bowl, mix crushed Ritz crackers, shredded cheddar cheese, a few chopped onions (if desired), half a stick of butter, and milk.

Once squash is tender, drain and pour over your mixed items. Stir until everything is mixed and add seasoning. You can taste the squash before you bake it just to see how seasoned it is. We like to add paprika, salt, pepper, and sometimes Italian seasoning.

Bake at 400 till the top is browned. This is really good with grilled shishkabobs or steak.

*Make sure you drain the squash well so your mix is not watery.

Friday, July 10, 2015

TerraMax Pro Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

We have an almost 14 year old pekingese and an 8 year old Belgian Malinois. The pekingese has a very hard time walking in her old age. Her back legs tend to splay out and it's not fun to watch although she's fine otherwise. The Belgian Malinois only has a few issues once in a while. Either way, I figured we'd try this out and I've only used it a short time but I swear to you that Swan (our peke) is walking much better. At least, from what I can tell.

The other good thing is that they like the taste. I spilled a little and Swan drank it up off of the floor so that's always a plus as well. I totally recommend this product and will continue to use it for my fur babies. Just a teaspoon per day depending on weight and you're all set.
I received this product at a discount for an unbiased review.


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