Friday, July 10, 2015

TerraMax Pro Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

We have an almost 14 year old pekingese and an 8 year old Belgian Malinois. The pekingese has a very hard time walking in her old age. Her back legs tend to splay out and it's not fun to watch although she's fine otherwise. The Belgian Malinois only has a few issues once in a while. Either way, I figured we'd try this out and I've only used it a short time but I swear to you that Swan (our peke) is walking much better. At least, from what I can tell.

The other good thing is that they like the taste. I spilled a little and Swan drank it up off of the floor so that's always a plus as well. I totally recommend this product and will continue to use it for my fur babies. Just a teaspoon per day depending on weight and you're all set.
I received this product at a discount for an unbiased review.

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