Saturday, August 22, 2015

Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo

I got this dry dog shampoo to try out for an unbiased opinion and was excited to try it. I love how my dogs feel after a bath but I don't always have time to do it all of the time and they're not supposed to be bathed every day anyway. This is the perfect solution for in-between baths.

It smells really good with the mango and pomegranate scent and it's easy to use. You simply just spray it on your hand or your dog and rub it in. It's a foam type consistency and you don't have to use a ton in order for it to work well. 

It's cruelty free, you get a 30 day guarantee, and it's safe and good for sensitive skin.

I only have one tiny caveat to my review and that is that when I received the product, it had leaked so the bottle was sticky and I had to rinse it off and my hands as well. 

That's not a deal-breaker and I still loved how well the product worked on my dogs. I just did want to be honest and mention that one thing. 

I'll definitely use this in between baths and love how good my dog smells after I've used it.

You can find it here.


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