Friday, August 21, 2015

PestNoMore Rodent Zapper - Electronic Rat Trap

I hate killing anything - even rats. I actually find them furry and cute except when they start chewing up things. We had an issue with one chewing to get into the dog food. Okay, we got a pretty indestructible holder and that worked for a while.

Then I saw the rat one night - I actually named him Ricky. He was huge! Again, I didn't want to kill him but could not catch him to put him out, only for him to come back in.

The last straw was Ricky eating through our kitchen faucet hose and dishwasher hose. Both had to be replaced at a pretty high cost. The dishwasher hose was affordable but the sink faucet had to be replaced totally and it took hours and hours to do.

I got one of these because we'd had one in the past (a different brand) and it's quick and pretty humane. Yes, it kills the rat but it is fast and just simply zaps them and they're out. No prolonged death in a trap or something where the poor thing suffers.

You put dog food, a cracker, or whatever in there and the rat goes in and it's like the electric chair - just super fast. Once you find the rat you'll probably just see a tail sticking out (sad face) and you simply take the zapper to the trash and dump it. You do not have to see a dead rat at all.

Within a few days, Ricky was no more and yes, I was sad. Very sad. However, we kept finding more things he'd ruined by chewing it. I hope Ricky is in rat heaven now but I definitely recommend the product. It's clean, fast, and more humane.

  • Humanely eliminate rats cleanly, quickly and easily. Uses batteries or AC mains power. New 2015 highest quality Rodent Zapper design. Next generation electronic rat trap instantly kills rats, mice and rodents of all sizes using high voltage triple shock technology.
  • Best alternative to traditional snap traps, sticky traps and poisons. Rodent Zapper kills instantly. No inhumane slow death. No blood, gore or mess. No need to even see the rat body as you dispose of it. Environmentally friendly and safe around pets and children as no poisons or chemicals used.
  • Multiple safety protection features: Rodent Zapper separates into two separate parts for maximum safety and easy cleaning of the shock chamber. Notification light and alarm signals Rodent Zapper has a kill.
  • Simple 3 Step Rodent Control: 1)Bait 2)Wait 3)Eliminate. For professional and home use. Suitable for indoor areas: attics, garages, basements, kitchens, living and dining rooms, shops, warehouses, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.
  • Includes Mains adapter (to save on batteries and get unlimited kills) plus included Notification LED Wire (for when placing the Rodent Zapper in hard-to-see places). Full instructions and support included.
You can get one here:

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