Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ultimate Smile Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

I love white teeth. Seriously, when I'm watching a movie or whatever, I always notice people's teeth so it is important for me to keep mine white as well. Back years ago, you didn't have the options that people do now which is a great thing for us who want to whiten things up nowadays.

Anyway, I received the Ultimate Smile Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit for reviewing purposes and to give my truthful and unbiased opinion.

This is my review in progress because I plan to use it repeatedly to see the full results but so far, so good. The kit comes with: 

2 whitening gel syringes

1 set of upper and lower thermal-form trays

1 reusable case

You get thermal trays to use and the whitening gel plus everything you need. You don't have to buy the whole kit again when you're done using it; you simply buy the refills.

I have very sensitive gums so there was a tiny bit of sting but nothing I'm not used to with mouthwash and it didn't irritate my teeth. I noticed a little bit of difference to start and that's a good sign so I plan to keep using it till I get my desired look.

You can get this at Amazon and I'll include a link to check it out yourself. It's much cheaper than having it done at a dentist's office and more convenient too.

I'll continue to update you as I use this more so stay tuned.

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