Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Get Free Stuff on Amazon for Reviews

Almost every day I get a ton of things from UPS and the USPS. These are things that I get free or at a really deep discount and everyone always asks how to get started. Here is a photo of just one of my recent orders.

Here are a few tips:

  • Start Reviewing. Start reviewing everything you have bought on Amazon, at stores like Walmart, etc. You'll find that the most important are Amazon. You can even review things you have not bought but have used, books you've read, and movies you've watched. Your profile rating raises every time your review is marked as helpful.
  • Join a Review Site. There are plenty of sites you can join that allow you to find out who is sending out free items to review. Many places will start you out on things like supplements or skin care (think - lots of vitamin C facial serum) but it's nice to try out these things at no cost or little cost. Some review sites are Tomoson and Elite but here is a list of places that I snagged from Reviewer Collective and their site is within this link to the list.
  • Always Disclose. Amazon is very serious about their review programs. You cannot be paid to review something and you must disclose. This means that if you get an item free or discounted you must disclose that within your review. For instance, "I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion."
  • Be Honest. It sucks to get something free that the company is excited over and it's less than you expected. However, do be honest in your reviews because that is the whole point of the review system. Some places will address your issues and fix whatever is wrong so feel free to contact them about your issues first.
  • Your Profile. Make sure to fill out your profile on Amazon and include your email address so you can be contacted with offers. Also, include your interests and if you feel the direct approach is for you, mention that you love reviewing products.

Once you get high enough in ranking, the offers will come. In the meantime, try one of the review sites.

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