Saturday, December 26, 2015

There is No Such Thing as the Perfect Christmas

I was saying my prayers earlier and I always thank God for whatever happened that day and came upon Christmas. I started by saying that I'd had a nice day. It wasn't perfect but...

Then I started thinking about, "What is perfect anyway?"

Let me start by mentioning that there were a few things going on that really put a damper on this Christmas season. An argument with family members, the loss of an income, etc.

So, getting back to perfection - I had these thoughts.

A perfect dinner means every single morsel of food was perfect. You didn't overeat or get too full.

Every person you ever loved was at the table with you and everyone got along perfectly.

You got every single present you ever hoped for.

The temperature was perfect outside - not too cold or too hot.

However, none of that is possible. If the temperature was perfect then you couldn't enjoy that new jacket or sweater you got for Christmas. The snow falling would mean it's cold outside and if you're lucky enough to live in the south like we do, you might get the right temperature but no pretty, white snow.

Dinner with the family might be ideal but I wasn't alone. I had my husband with me to share the day, along with my two dogs that loved their presents as much as we did.

We might not have had as much money as we would have but we still had so many nice things.

We had a wonderful meal that wasn't perfect but was darn good and so many have nothing.

Too often I find myself envious of others who seem to have a perfect life. A perfect body, a perfect family, plenty of money, and total happiness. However, we never really know what's going on in their life and they might be unhappy but don't show it.

There is no perfect Christmas dinner or perfect vacation or perfect anything. With total perfection we'd have nothing to look forward to or nothing to aspire to.

So sure, my Christmas day wasn't perfect but it was sure something to be grateful for and with that in mind, I finished my prayers by being thankful for what I did have, which is so much more than so many others.


Anonymous said...

So very true! Thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Your insightful perspective is wonderful.


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