Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Breeze

I opened the door just now to let the dogs in and had to just stand there a few moments to reminisce. 

The wind was blowing and it took me back to happier moments in my life. It was the kind of breeze that is perfect - not too strong yet enough power to make the trees sway and the wind chimes sing. 

It reminded me of hurricanes - those hours beforehand where the wind is just picking up enough to be exciting and long before it gets scary. When I was growing up I'd hear the weatherman talk about feeder bands and things like that but all I knew was that you could gauge the storm by when the breeze started picking up. 

It reminded me of being in the woods at my grandaddy's house. It was so serene and secluded there that you could hear the quietest of breezes before you even felt it tickle your skin. Where thunder could be miles away yet you'd hear it just as clear as if the storm was right on top of you. 

It made me think of fall being around the corner and while fall seems to be so far off when you live in Florida in July, it temporarily cooled the sweat on my skin and lifted the hair out of my eyes. 

Something as simple as the wind blowing may seem trivial but in that moment it made me think of happy memories like talking on the phone with my best friend before a hurricane made landfall or visiting my grandaddy and taking a walk in the woods. That friend died two years after I graduated and my grandaddy left the year after that but just for a moment, I felt them both in that breeze. 

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