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The 5 Best Miami Steakhouses

Miami is one of the top destinations for both tourists and those looking to buy Miami real estate and become permanent residents. The weather is tropical and whether you want to visit the latest art exhibit, enjoy exciting night life, take your family to the aquarium, or bask in the sun – you won’t find a place quite like it.

That isn’t all that Miami is known for; with a blend of cultural specific cuisine and American fare, the choices are endless. But if you’re looking for a prime cut of beef or the freshest accompaniments you can find, here are the 5 best steak houses in the Miami area. 

Bourbon Steak
19999 W. Country Club Dr. Aventura

Bourbon Steak is a Michael Mina restaurant that serves all-natural, organic, hormone-free cuts of beef grilled over wood after being tempered with herb infused butter. The fresh market ingredients include sides like truffle mac and cheese and roasted mushrooms and herbs. The main attraction are the prime cuts of American beef like 16 oz Delmonico ribeye or the 32 oz porterhouse. Of course, you can always get the Japanese Wagyu A5 New York strip or the American Wagyu, which is less expensive. Accompaniments include delicacies such as grilled tiger prawns, butter poached half main lobster, Alaskan king crab bearnaise, and Hudson Valley foie gras. There are also seafood dishes for those who prefer something different. Bourbon Steak is one of Miami’s go-to places and a South Beach Favorite.

Meat Market
915 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach

Meat Market touts their restaurant as sexy and sophisticated and if the crowds are any indication, that is true. With the acclaimed Executive Chef Sean Brasel, offers both signature steaks as well as reserved cuts. Choose a 22 oz bone-in ribeye for example or pick from reserved cuts like the 30 oz Wagyu beef tomahawk ribeye or the 32 oz center cut prime porterhouse. You will also savor the choices of plenty of sides, accompaniments, crudos, tiraditos, appetizers, and choose between 10 sauces for your steak like wild mushroom and truffle sauce, Jack Daniels pasilla garlic sauce, and peppercorn cognac sauce. Voted best steakhouse in South Florida, one of the 14 hottest steakhouses in South Florida by Zaggat, and one of Miami’s best 11 steakhouses in Thrillist – it’s obvious this is the place to experience phenomenal food.

Edge Steak & Bar
1435 Brickell Avenue in the Four Seasons Hotel

Edge Steak & Bar has flawless food prepared by Executive Chef Aaron Brooks and the choices are many, the d├ęcor is luxurious, yet the prices are reasonable. There are approximately nine steaks to choose from and they are 100% black angus beef by Creekstone Farms in Arkansas City, Kansas. Although you might want to try the grass fed, pasture raised all-natural Australia 24 oz saw cut ribeye or Thomas Farms New York strip with waygu beef. Edge Steak & Bar also offers sauces like edge chimichurri and tamarind BBQ. The sides may includes seemingly simple choices like house cut fries but these are truffle aoili fries. One of the unique things offered is American bean to bar chocolate where you can choose your favorite from choices like 70% Guatemala, Fleur De Sel from Dick Taylor in Eureka, California or 72% Wild Cacao, Venezuela from Castronovo in Stuart, Florida.

Prime One Twelve
112 Ocean Dr Miami Beach

This is the first modern steakhouse in the United States and is a chef-driven boutique steakhouse that has an energetic environment and innovative menu. On the menu you’ll find cuts of meat like the 48 oz porterhouse or the Japanese A5 Kobe in filets, ribeyes, and New York strips. Specialty sauces, butters, and chapeaux are all available to liven up your meal and you’ll find 10 ways of different potatoes as well as over 20 accessories such as rum baked sweet plantains, Kobe beef and sausage stuffing, and spinach and Parmesan stuffed tomatoes. If you’re lucky, you just might spot an NBA player or a celebrity while you’re dining.

The Forge
432 W 41st St Miami Beach

The Forge’s menus is inspired by fresh ingredients and fresh open markets. The largest steak is a 35 oz porterhouse for two and you can rub your steak with a variety of seasonings such as The Forge’s signature blend, smoky Portuguese, blackened Cajun, and 4 peppercorn medley. You can also accessorize your steak with duck egg and smoked bacon, and more – even Alaskan king crab. And there are specialty sauces like cognac sauce or black truffle jus.

All of these steakhouse restaurants offer something unique that you’ll enjoy. Even if someone in your party isn’t fond of steak, there are plenty of other choices like freshly caught seafood, crisp, fresh salads, and yummy desserts when you think you can’t eat another bite.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I didn’t always take my mother’s advice and truth be told, we didn’t always get along. However, there is one thing that she said that I never forgot. She said to take trips, enjoy vacations, and go places because you can’t take back a memory. She was absolutely right.

Growing up, we weren’t wealthy by any means but my parents would save up all year long to take a trip in the summer. Some years it was heading “down south” to one of the theme parks and other years we would head up north as far as Tennessee or sometimes all the way to New York.

We’d always have to get up before dawn to head out so my dad could drive during daylight hours. The night before, my mom saved money by cooking things to take on the trip like potato salad and fried chicken carefully packed in tinfoil. For hours you could smell the scent of fried chicken and the tin foil would make popping noises from the heat. Somewhere along the way we would stop at a rest stop and have lunch, which was like the best picnic ever.

We never stayed in the actual town we were visiting because motels outside of the city limits were cheaper. So after we arrived, the next morning would mean another long drive to the actual destination. I also remember them getting lost sometimes because back then we didn’t have GPS systems or Smartphones – we had a map that my dad would use to carefully highlight the route the week before. There was also a lot of stopping at gas stations to ask for directions.

Sometimes it was a magical trip and sometimes the transmission might go out and you were stuck at a repair shop all day long in the middle of nowhere because cars never break down next to Pep Boys, only in small towns where the people are friendly and there’s nothing to see but dirt roads and trees.

When I was a kid I’d get crayons and coloring books to keep me entertained and I remember it getting so hot in Orlando that my crayons melted all over the dash of the rental car. As I got a little older, I was taken to the store to pick out books to read. I loved reading and would sometimes read a book or two every day so this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. As a teen, it was headphones and my radio and when I say headphones I mean one tiny little earbud on a flimsy white cord so only one ear got to enjoy the music.

One memory that still stands out is hearing “City of New Orleans” by Arlo Guthrie. Back then I thought it was about the city itself, not a train ride but whenever I hear that song, which I still love, I think back to riding in the back of the car on a trip to somewhere.

Take those vacations – take photos, do things that are a little different than they are back home, eat food you wouldn’t normally enjoy, and meet people – some who you’ll never forget.

I know that not everyone can afford to take a trip. Some people can barely afford to pay their mortgage or buy groceries – believe me, I’ve been there. The point is that if you can, then do it. You won’t ever forget the places you’ve been and the memories last a lifetime. If you’re lucky, you get to visit a lot of places but whether it’s just down the road a ways to get out of town or you can go to another country, the trip is always worth the ride.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

LVG All Natural Hemp Back and Body Scrubber

We all know how important it is to exfoliate but how often do you get to do your back as well as the rest of your body?If you're looking for a product that not only works well but promotes green living, the LVG All Natural Hemp Back and Body Scrubber is for you. 

This back and body scrubber uses sustainable hemp and allows you to reach your entire back area with the roped handles that are conveniently placed.

It exfoliates your skin and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial so you don't have to worry about it getting full of bacteria and germs when you're not using it. 

Of course, just as important as making your skin soft is the fact that this is a green product that helps contribute to making the earth a greener place. Natural hemp is made from crops that are eco-friendly and pesticide free and that's something you don't hear every day when it comes to beauty products.

Get your own LVG All Natural Hemp Back and Body Scrubber here and let me know how it works for you. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Sun on My Face

A couple of weeks ago I was coming out of a grocery store – Piggly Wiggly to be exact. It doesn’t matter where it was but it was a little chilly outside. Now this was nothing like our recent cold snap where it snowed just 100 miles from me in Tallahassee. I’m quite disappointed I didn’t get to enjoy the snow like they did but that’s irrelevant. What is important is that I looked up and felt the sun burning my face and let me tell you, it was heavenly. I actually stood there a moment and just took it all in.

It reminded me of so much – the first warm day after a cold winter and hey, we do get them up here in Northwest Florida or at least it’s cold to us. It reminded me of being a teenager and “laying out” in the backyard while listening to the top 40 countdown on the radio and getting a tan or in my case, quite often a burn. It reminded me of days on the beach where it only took a walk down to the emerald water of the Gulf of Mexico to cool your skin or riding in the car with the sunroof open and the sun beating down on your face while looking up at the clouds flying by.

It reminded me of the days when I was young, carefree, and didn’t worry about things like mortgages, making a grocery list, or skin cancer. Where nothing mattered on a Saturday afternoon except the smell of the tropics in a suntan oil bottle or in some cases, baby oil which would make your skin glisten and sizzle. Nothing mattered except having strong enough batteries in a transistor radio so that you didn’t miss any of the show with Casey Kasem.

It reminded me of going back to school after spring break with a golden tan, the latest news on what happened over the summer, and how life was more simple when all it took was a beach towel, a radio, and a little oil to make for the perfect Saturday.

It also reminded me that no matter how cold life gets, you can simply look up towards to heavens and feel the sun warm your soul.

B-Complex with B-12 Tablets by Zone - 365

If you're looking for a supplement that boosts your energy and has all-natural ingredients, B-Complex with B-12 Tablets by Zone - 365 is the supplement for you. I've been using them for a few weeks and while I can't be certain yet, I do feel that I have more energy. I used to be a night owl but lately I'd been going to bed way earlier than usual, which didn't allow me to get my work done like I like to do. Now I seem to stay up later or at least get up earlier if I do go to bed.

It includes Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B12) and Cyanocobalamin (B12). Every long-realese tablet is made with All-Natural and Non-GMO ingredients that are pro-health and good for the gut.This supplement is Hal and Kosher certified, plus Hexane-free!

Vitamin B Complex plays a vital role in your body. Get your recommended daily dose of Vitamin B Complex with B-12 and experience a major health transformation, providing you high immunity against any diseases and helps you recover from sickness fast. Natural supplement for men, women and children. I know in the past, my doctor has recommended it for me so this is a great way of adding it without injections. 

So far, I really like it and believe it is helping with my energy levels. You can find it on Amazon and try it out for yourself. 


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