Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Sun on My Face

A couple of weeks ago I was coming out of a grocery store – Piggly Wiggly to be exact. It doesn’t matter where it was but it was a little chilly outside. Now this was nothing like our recent cold snap where it snowed just 100 miles from me in Tallahassee. I’m quite disappointed I didn’t get to enjoy the snow like they did but that’s irrelevant. What is important is that I looked up and felt the sun burning my face and let me tell you, it was heavenly. I actually stood there a moment and just took it all in.

It reminded me of so much – the first warm day after a cold winter and hey, we do get them up here in Northwest Florida or at least it’s cold to us. It reminded me of being a teenager and “laying out” in the backyard while listening to the top 40 countdown on the radio and getting a tan or in my case, quite often a burn. It reminded me of days on the beach where it only took a walk down to the emerald water of the Gulf of Mexico to cool your skin or riding in the car with the sunroof open and the sun beating down on your face while looking up at the clouds flying by.

It reminded me of the days when I was young, carefree, and didn’t worry about things like mortgages, making a grocery list, or skin cancer. Where nothing mattered on a Saturday afternoon except the smell of the tropics in a suntan oil bottle or in some cases, baby oil which would make your skin glisten and sizzle. Nothing mattered except having strong enough batteries in a transistor radio so that you didn’t miss any of the show with Casey Kasem.

It reminded me of going back to school after spring break with a golden tan, the latest news on what happened over the summer, and how life was more simple when all it took was a beach towel, a radio, and a little oil to make for the perfect Saturday.

It also reminded me that no matter how cold life gets, you can simply look up towards to heavens and feel the sun warm your soul.

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