Friday, April 24, 2020

The Growth of Pet Owner Influencers

There's a pet owner influencer that I do not miss and that's Jade the Sable. They're a couple of German Shepherd dogs owned by "Karen" and their antics and so much fun to watch. Of course, it used to just be Sable, hence the name. Now there is a second GSD named Jasper.

Of course, this is not necessarily a new thing. According to Forbes:

The influencer race is taking over the pet kingdom. Accounts for animals now often outperform verified humans on Instagram. However, it takes more than a devoted owner with a smartphone to get Instafamous. The rise of furry superstars on social media began more than a decade ago. Today, pet influencers merge the perfect formula of click bait and memes and tie that with branding know how. Pet celebrities, like Juniper Foxx, Mr. Pokee the Hedgehog, Hamlet The Piggy or Pumpkin The Raccoon, spend their days starring in endorsement deals worth $2000+ per post.

Now that doesn't mean that just because you have a really cool pet and a lot of personality that you can make it big but it certainly doesn't hurt. And who wouldn't want to spend their day playing with their pet while raking in the endorsements, followers, and in some cases - cash? That's what these pet influencers do.

Photo by Jf Brou on Unsplash

How Does It Happen?

Influencer marketing is set to reach an estimated $10 billion by 2020, according to AdWeek and pets that partner up with a successful brand can fetch a piece of that action.

Set the Tone

One thing to keep in mind is to keep your tone the same throughout. People grow to expect a certain type of post from your pet so it's a good idea to keep it that way. For example, when I watch a new Jade and Sable video, I know they'll be eating "chimken" or telling Karen to "heck off." It's funny, cute, and I know what to expect.

Be Patient

Some people have happened upon being a pet influencer by accident. Some started posting from their pet's own account and started to gain followers and likes. After a certain amount, they started getting endorsements.

Be Consistent

If you're serious about giving it a go, be sure to be consistent. If people do not see new content, they forget about you. Hey, people are fickle and sometimes have a short attention span so create new content daily if possible.

 Build Your Online Presence


Make sure that you know how to work the system. For instance, if you use Instagram then learn about using the right hashtags to find followers. For example, if I post a picture of my Labrador or German Shepherd, by using the correct and popular hashtags, I get more likes as opposed to just posting and throwing down a few keywords. The same applies to other social media platforms. Learn the most you can about what works and what doesn't.


The important thing to take away from this is that you can become a successful pet influencer. But even if you don't, as long as you're having fun with what you are doing then that's the whole point.




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