Friday, February 4, 2022

3 Ways to Refine Your Spending to Benefit Your Finances

 Improving your personal finances is always in your best interest. The good news is that you don’t have to come into a windfall in order to do it. Anyone can help their finances with a few key strategies. These are easy to implement, and because you’re trying to retain more of your money - these do not cost a thing. Learn more about the 3 ways to refine your spending to benefit your finances. 

Create a Budget

While this sounds like a given, you’d be surprised that many people simply wing it when it comes to their monthly finances. A budget allows you to track where your money is going, how much you need each month, and a realistic overview of how much is left after the bills are paid.  

Be sure you are realistic in your expectations. And a key component of your budget is to count everything. The little things, like streaming services or even your daily cup of coffee, add up. 
Creating a budget falls under the umbrella of tracking your finances, which is paramount to keeping a good grasp on where your money is going. It allows you to make adjustments where you see fit. For example, if you run short each month, you may see items on your budget that you don’t need right now.  

Make an Emergency Fund


It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time to build up, get started on an emergency savings plan. This is an ideal way of having funds when there is an emergency. 


Any bank will allow you to start a savings plan. Look for those that allow you to direct deposit funds each week or month. Even if you contribute $10 a week, that adds up at the end of the year. Obviously, the more you can put in, the more you’ll have, but the smaller amount not only adds up, you won’t notice the missing money quite so much. 


If you feel tempted that you may use it before it’s an emergency, consider getting a certificate of deposit. This comes with a higher interest rate, and you can’t touch it without paying fees. The terms differ - three months to five years.  



Consolidate Your Loans

Credit cards and loans are good for a lot of things, but the payments can overwhelm you if you have many. If you find you’re not being able to pay the bills each month, consider consolidating your loans. 



How this works is that your credit card payments and loans are combined into one payment. Not only is this payment typically lower, you don’t have to make multiple payments each month, or worry about high interest rates on credit cards. Those rates often keep people from paying their bills on time, and that leads to missed payments, late payments, and more fees. Learn more here

Start With a Plan


You don’t have to start with big changes - start with a plan. A budget is the first thing you can do that is easy and free. From there, you can make bigger changes like starting an emergency fund, using debt consolidation, and more. 






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